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Let our team of experts get you your citizenship.

1.  We'll find out if you're eligible.

Our team will reach out to you by phone and email to discuss your situation, and find out what you need in order to properly apply for Greek citizenship.

Once we can confirm your eligibility, we will then prepare your application!

2.  We'll submit your Application.

Once your application is filled out, we hand it over to the Consulate. The Consulate informs us what documents you might need, that we can help you obtain.

This step is crucial and our team has the experience needed to handle it.

3.  Receive your Certificate of Reg

An individual's registration in the records of a Greek Municipality constitutes the recognition of their Right to Citizenship by the Greek State, and, therefore, the Greek Passport.

4.  What does the process cost?

Every case is different! You may have a case that is simple and straightforward, some cases may require more time and paperwork. Our team will quote you the cost after we gather all of your information. The best part? You just sit back and let us do all the running around! You just wait for your citizenship!

5.   Ready to Apply?

Fill out the "Let's Get Started" form and our representatives will be in touch with you to get the process started.

We can't wait to help you on your journey of becoming a Greek citizen!


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