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Discover the Hidden Gems of Greece with 10 Places You've Never Heard Of.


Imagine a Greece beyond the postcard-perfect landscapes of Santorini, beyond the historic wonders of Athens, beyond the sun-kissed beaches of Mykonos. Imagine a Greece less traveled, more intimate, and rich with unexplored traditions and cultures. This Greece is hidden in plain sight, waiting for those adventurous enough to stray off the beaten path and uncover its best-kept secrets.

In this guide, we'll introduce you to a side of Greece that often goes unnoticed by mainstream tourism, a world filled with untouched natural beauty, inspiring history, and fascinating local life. Prepare to be enchanted as we take you on a captivating journey through ten lesser-known destinations, each with its own unique tale to tell. These hidden gems offer a deeply immersive experience, a chance to engage with Greece in its most authentic and evocative form.

The journey that awaits is sure to stir your curiosity, tantalize your senses, and leave you with a richer, deeper understanding of the mesmerizing allure that Greece holds. So, are you ready to explore the unexplored and see Greece through a new lens? Let's embark on this remarkable journey together.

1. Arachova

Things to do in arachova

Located on the southern slopes of Mount Parnassus, Arachova is a picturesque town often overlooked by tourists. With its cobblestone streets, stone houses, and magnificent mountain views, it's no wonder this town has earned the nickname 'Winter Mykonos'. A haven for winter sports enthusiasts, Arachova also offers rich cultural and historical experiences, creating a unique blend that sets it apart from the traditional seaside image of Greece.

  • The 'Winter Mykonos': As the 'Winter Mykonos', Arachova invites you to enjoy vibrant nightlife and sophisticated winter sports. Skiing down snow-covered slopes, unwinding by the fireside in a cosy taverna, and exploring nearby archaeological sites like Delphi are some of the unforgettable experiences you can enjoy here. Delphi, known as the center of the world in ancient Greek mythology, offers stunning ruins, an impressive amphitheater, and a fascinating museum.

  • Local Delicacies and Handmade Crafts: The heart of Arachova beats in its local gastronomy and traditional crafts. The formaela cheese, succulent local lamb, beautifully woven flokati rugs, and bell-making workshops are all integral parts of the local culture. Experiencing a food tour or craft workshop allows for a deeper understanding of this rich cultural heritage.


2. Kea

Things to do on Kea Greece

As a well-kept secret of the Aegean Sea, Kea, also known as Tzia, is a tranquil island paradise. Despite being the closest Cycladic island to Athens, Kea maintains its rustic charm with a hilly landscape, traditional stone-built houses, windmills, and quaint chapels. This unspoiled island offers a wealth of outdoor activities, historical sites, and culinary delights, providing an authentic Greek experience away from the crowds.

  • Rustic Charm and Scenic Trails: Kea's rustic charm extends to its scenic trails that criss-cross the island, traversing ancient paths and leading to secluded beaches. These paths offer breathtaking panoramic views and take you to some of the island's significant historical landmarks. A guided hiking tour is a great way to delve into the island's natural beauty and discover its hidden corners.

  • Local Gastronomy and Vineyards: Kea's culinary scene is a gastronome's delight. The island is known for its loza (a type of cured meat similar to prosciutto) and pitarakia (mini cheese pies), while the local vineyards are celebrated for their robust wines. Participating in a food and wine tour gives you a chance to taste these delicacies and learn about the culinary traditions of the island.

3. Ioannina

Things to do in Ioannina Greece

Nestled in the region of Epirus, the city of Ioannina is a vibrant blend of cultures, history, and natural beauty. It sits on the shores of Lake Pamvotis, offering stunning views and a serene atmosphere. The city's castle, one of the oldest in Greece, dominates the landscape, while the historic old town holds a wealth of stories within its winding streets. Ioannina provides an enriching journey into Greece's past, while also showcasing its dynamic present.

  • A City of History and Natural Beauty: Ioannina's rich historical tapestry unfolds in its castle, old town, and numerous museums. You can walk along the castle walls, discover the city's Ottoman and Byzantine history, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of today's Ioannina. A city tour is a perfect way to explore Ioannina's layers of history, while a boat trip on Lake Pamvotis offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding landscapes.

  • Local Cuisine and Artisanal Crafts: Ioannina is also renowned for its artisanal crafts, particularly its silverware. The city's Silversmithing Museum showcases the intricate craftsmanship that goes into each piece. For gastronomy enthusiasts, the local cuisine offers a variety of Epirotic specialties like pies, grilled meats, and frog legs, a local delicacy served at the lakeside tavernas.

A tour of the Silversmithing Museum is a must for those interested in the local crafts, while a food tour would offer a tasting journey through Ioannina's unique cuisine. You might also consider a cooking class to learn the secrets of Epirotic dishes.

4. Lemnos

Things to do on Lemnos Greece

Located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, Lemnos is an island of raw beauty, fertile plains, and sandy beaches. Its volcanic origins have shaped the landscape, creating unique formations and fertile soil that nourishes a plethora of crops. Steeped in myths and history, Lemnos offers a peaceful retreat away from the bustle of more mainstream destinations.

  • Mythic History and Stunning Landscapes: In Greek mythology, Lemnos was known as the island of Hephaestus, the god of fire and metallurgy. Today, you can visit the ruins of his ancient sanctuary and other archaeological sites that dot the island. The island's unique geology is another point of interest, with its volcanic rocks, sand dunes, and wetlands housing a variety of birds. Archaeological tours and bird-watching trips are popular activities on Lemnos, offering a deeper connection with the island's natural and historical heritage.

  • Local Cuisine and Wine: Lemnos's fertile soil yields a rich harvest of crops, which influence the local cuisine. The island is particularly known for its Muscat wine, honey, and cheese. Visiting local wineries, beekeeping sites, and dairies offer an insight into the island's agricultural practices and its culinary traditions. A food and wine tour can introduce you to these local products, giving you a chance to taste the flavors of Lemnos while learning about the processes involved in their production.

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5. Spinalonga

What to do on Spinalonga Greece

Situated on the eastern side of Crete, Spinalonga is a small island with a significant past. Once a Venetian fortress, and later one of the last active leper colonies in Europe, Spinalonga's rich history and panoramic views of the Mirabello Gulf make it an intriguing destination.

  • Historical Significance and Breathtaking Views: Spinalonga's main attraction is its well-preserved fortress, which provides a fascinating glimpse into the island's past. Walking through its narrow streets and abandoned houses offers a poignant reminder of its history, while the views from the fortress walls across the azure sea are breathtaking. Guided tours to Spinalonga are a great way to explore the island's history and enjoy its scenic beauty. A boat tour around the Mirabello Gulf can also be a wonderful addition to your visit.

  • Local Cuisine and Traditional Crafts: Despite its small size, the area around Spinalonga offers a variety of culinary delights, with many waterfront tavernas serving fresh seafood, traditional Cretan dishes, and local wines. The nearby town of Plaka is known for its traditional crafts, particularly its handmade lace, known as 'kopaneli'. Consider a local food tour to savor the flavors of the region, or a visit to a craft workshop in Plaka to appreciate the local artisanal skills.

Remember that for all your Greece travel needs, can help you plan your journey to these lesser-known Greek destinations, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free trip. From ferry and airline tickets to hotel bookings, tours, and activities, we're here to help you with a seamless travel experience. If you're intrigued by the guided tours mentioned, be it exploring archaeological sites, tasting local cuisines, delving into artisanal crafts or embarking on picturesque hikes, don’t hesitate to reach out. With our extensive network and in-depth knowledge, we can arrange personalized tours that cater to your interests and ensure you uncover the true essence of these unique locations.

6. Nafpaktos

Things to do in Nafpaktos Greece

Perched on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth, Nafpaktos is a captivating town that beautifully intertwines history with natural allure. Its crowning glory, the Venetian castle, oversees the town, while the picturesque port and inviting beaches add to the charm of this off-the-beaten-path destination.

  • Venetian Castle and Picturesque Port: The Venetian castle of Nafpaktos, one of the best-preserved in Greece, offers stunning views of the town and the surrounding sea and mountains. The port, reminiscent of a Venetian painting with its vibrant, multi-coloured houses, is the heart of the town and a perfect place for a leisurely stroll or a meal by the sea. Guided tours of the castle provide a deeper insight into its historical significance, while boat tours departing from the port offer a unique perspective of Nafpaktos and its environs.

  • Local Cuisine and Beach Life:Nafpaktos boasts a variety of local dishes, with its fresh seafood and traditional Greek cuisine being particularly noteworthy. The surrounding region is known for its delicious citrus fruits, a highlight in many local desserts. Food tours are a great way to explore the region's culinary scene, while those looking to relax can head to the town's tranquil beaches, such as Psani and Gribovo. Consider embarking on a beach tour to discover the area's most scenic spots for a dip in the sea.

7. Kavala

Things to do in Kavala Greece

Brimming with life, Kavala, the 'Blue City', is a vibrant city in Northern Greece that beautifully marries tradition with modernity. With its impressive Byzantine fortress, a wealth of historical landmarks, and a bustling harbour, Kavala offers a taste of authentic Greek city life, unspoiled by mass tourism.

  • Historic Landmarks and Modern Culture: Kavala's rich history is visible in its numerous landmarks, including the Byzantine fortress and the old aqueduct, Kamares. The city also boasts a lively cultural scene, with numerous festivals, exhibitions, and concerts taking place throughout the year. Historical tours provide fascinating insights into Kavala's past, while cultural tours can introduce you to the city's vibrant arts scene. A guided walking tour through the city's old town, Panagia, is also highly recommended.

  • Culinary Delights and Wine: Kavala's culinary scene offers a blend of tastes, with fresh seafood, traditional Greek dishes, and local wines taking center stage. The region is also known for its production of retsina, a resinated wine with a distinctive taste. Food and wine tours in Kavala offer a culinary journey through the city's gastronomy. You can taste local delicacies, visit traditional tavernas, and learn about the region's wine production.

8. Kastellorizo

things to do in kastellorizo

Also known as Megisti, Kastellorizo is the easternmost Greek island. It's a place of serene beauty, where the pace of life slows down and the charm of the Aegean takes over. This small but charismatic island is adorned with neoclassical houses, crystal-clear waters, and a fascinating history that is waiting to be explored.

  • Neoclassical Architecture and Peaceful Ambiance: Kastellorizo is famous for its colorful neoclassical houses that line the harbor. These vibrantly painted buildings, combined with the tranquil blue of the sea, create a picturesque setting that's a true feast for the eyes. The island's peaceful ambiance allows you to relax, unwind, and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. To explore the architectural beauty of Kastellorizo, consider a guided walking tour around the harbor. For a unique experience, you might also consider a sunset cruise that lets you enjoy the stunning view of the island basking in the golden hues of the setting sun.

  • Local Cuisine and Sea Caves: Kastellorizo's local cuisine is a delightful exploration of Greek flavors. Freshly caught fish and local herbs are the mainstays here, with a selection of delicious traditional Greek dishes on offer. The island is also home to the Blue Cave, one of the most beautiful sea caves in Greece, which is best explored with a guided boat tour. Embark on a culinary tour to discover the unique flavors of Kastellorizo's cuisine. A boat trip to the Blue Cave is another must-do activity that offers a truly awe-inspiring experience.

9. Samothrace

Things to do on Samothrace Greece

With its mystical aura, Samothrace is an island that invites you to connect with nature. Known for its rugged mountain landscapes, pristine waterfalls, and the ancient Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace is a destination for those seeking tranquility and spiritual enrichment.

  • Mount Saos and Sanctuary of the Great Gods: Mount Saos, the highest peak in the Aegean, offers challenging trails and panoramic views, making it a paradise for hikers. The ancient Sanctuary of the Great Gods, a significant archaeological site where the mysterious cult of the Cabiri was practiced, adds to the island's allure. Explore the beauty of Samothrace by hiking its trails. Consider a guided tour of the sanctuary to delve into the island's spiritual past.

  • Local Cuisine and Thermal Springs: Samothrace's local cuisine is a fusion of traditional Greek dishes with a unique island touch. It's the perfect place to try out fresh seafood, locally produced honey, and wine. The island is also known for its natural thermal springs, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. A food tour in Samothrace can provide you with an authentic taste of the island's gastronomy. Meanwhile, a visit to the thermal springs offers relaxation and rejuvenation.

10. Astypalaia

Things to do on Astypalaia

Astypalaia, the "Butterfly of the Aegean", is a stunning island that combines the architectural style of the Cyclades with the green landscapes of the Dodecanese. Its Venetian castle, white houses with blue shutters, and windmills create a stunning vista against the backdrop of the azure Aegean Sea.

  • Venetian Castle and Quaint Villages: Astypalaia's Venetian castle, which overlooks the town, offers stunning views of the Aegean. The island's villages, with their traditional architecture and laid-back lifestyle, provide a glimpse into the authentic local culture. Walking tours of the castle and the villages are a great way to explore Astypalaia. If you're interested in history, an archaeological tour can also provide deeper insights into the island's past.

  • Local Cuisine and Pristine Beaches: Astypalaia offers a range of local dishes that blend traditional Greek flavors with the island's unique culinary touches. The island is also blessed with many secluded beaches, perfect for a day of relaxation under the Mediterranean sun. Consider a culinary tour to discover Astypalaia's local dishes, or a beach tour to explore the island's best swimming spots. For a unique experience, a boat tour around the island offers beautiful views and access to remote beaches.

We hope you enjoyed our journey through these hidden gems of Greece. Remember, these are only a fraction of the rich experiences Greece has to offer. Each destination, from Arachova to Astypalaia, has its own unique charm waiting to be discovered.

At, we're here to help you plan the perfect Greek adventure, whether it involves uncovering history, savoring local cuisine, exploring stunning landscapes, or simply enjoying the sun and sea. From ferry and airline tickets to hotels and personalized tours, we've got all your travel needs covered. So why wait? Start planning your dream vacation to Greece today!


Every corner of Greece holds a piece of a puzzle that, when assembled, reflects the grandeur of a rich culture, history, and diversity that's truly awe-inspiring. The vast landscapes of Arachova, the stunning architecture of Kastellorizo, the vibrant energy of Kavala, or the tranquil beaches of Astypalaia, each destination has a unique story to tell and an experience to offer.

While Greece's more popular destinations may garner much of the attention, the real charm often lies in the lesser-known gems. These are the places that provide a more authentic, intimate experience of the Greek lifestyle. Their relative anonymity is their biggest asset, offering a chance to the traveller to experience Greece away from the crowds, in its most authentic and captivating form.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, an adventurous hiker, a foodie, or someone looking for a peaceful retreat, these ten off-the-beaten-path Greek locations have something for everyone. So, on your next trip, take the road less travelled and discover a side of Greece that's waiting to surprise you.

At, we're ready to assist you in crafting a personalized itinerary that perfectly suits your preferences. From booking transportation and accommodation to arranging immersive local tours, we're committed to making your Greek holiday an unforgettable experience. Let us guide you through the wonders of Greece as you embark on a journey that transcends the typical tourist path, immersing you in the true essence of Greek life.

Discover the allure of Greece with us, and open the door to a world of uncharted experiences, enchanting landscapes, and unforgettable memories. Start planning your Greek adventure today, and let the charm of Greece captivate your heart.

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Safe travels and may your Greek adventures be filled with joy, discovery, and cherished memories!


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07 Jun 2023

So exciting that beautiful Nafpaktos is on your list. We stay there to visit family and friends whenever we are in Greece. For amazing food and drink, try Apiko. It is by the Limani. Hope to see you in Nafpaktos this summer!

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