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10 Things NOT to do in Greece.

10 Things you should not do in Greece, but its not that big of a deal of you do!

People may know me as the guy that yells Ep! Apagorevete! (which translates to: hey! thats forbidden!) but in all seriousness, here are 10 things you should definitely NOT do when traveling Greece.

1. Don't visit the Acropolis in the middle of the day in the summer.

Definitely do go! Just try not to go between 12pm and 3pm. It get's really hot, and there is no shade. It will just make you want to leave quickly, and you won't get to take your time, and truly take in the entire experience.

2. Don't get to the popular beaches too late.

If you want to go to the famous beaches, the popular beaches, and its middle of the summer, you better get up early! The sunbed's fill up FAST, and in the middle of the summer, they take advantage of every single part of the beach when it comes to laying out beds, so you won't get a chance to find a spot to lay out on the sand. You will just have to wait and get lucky that someone leaves and you are quick enough to take their seat!

3. Don't take an unmetered Taxi.

Here is where you need to be careful. In different parts of Greece, things work differently. For instance in Athens you can use your Uber app, and what it does is it signals a regular cab to come. There is also Taxi Beat, the Greek version app. In Athens using these is a must, the price is pre-determinded by the app. If you just hail a cab, and do not agree to a price before driving, they can take you for a ride, with a quickly moving meter!

On the islands, there is no Uber or Taxi Beat. There are just cabs, but the popular islands have pre-determined price charts from destination to destination. Make sure to confirm this price with the driver before riding.

In areas that don't have either, just make sure you agree to a price with the driver before driving off, or have him use the meter. Just remain quiet if you don't speak Greek, don't tip your card that you are a tourist. The meter might move quicker...

4. Don't throw toilet paper or anything else in the toilet!

This is a BIG one. When using toilets in most of Greece, you will see signs that kindly ask you to not drop anything in the toilet that isn't natural. No toilet paper, no nothing. If you do, guess who is the plunging it out at the end of the work day? The same person that served you your coffee and was really nice to you.

5. Don't try to pull out your American Express.

To everyones surprise, American Express recently pulled out of many European countries. From my travels around Greece in 2022, I used my credit card most of the time, and I would say 1 time over a 4 month span, did I find someone that takes American Express.

6. Don't touch the artifacts in museums.

This is a no no! In museums and archaeological sites, do not touch anything! Some places may restrict you from photographs or flash photography. Why no flash? That flash of light can eventually deteriorate the artifact!

7. Don't fall for tourist traps!

This one is tricky, and I hesitated to include it. It's tough to really figure this one out, of figuring out which is a tourist trap and which is not. Just try to find something off the beaten path, you will really understand after trying it. Sure the place with the great music in the heart of the Athens is busy and everyone is having a great time, but the food in all likelihood is mediocre, even if your friend said its amazing. There is better. The mom and dad shop in the villages mastered the food thing.

8. Don't skip trying the local dish.

When traveling around different areas in Greece, don't hesitate to ask the waiter what the island or village is known for when it comes to food. Try it, you will have plenty of other days to try the regular dishes.

9. Don't avoid that place you want to see, just because it's a long drive.

Sure long rides are no fun where you may be from, but just because a place you want to see in Greece is a long ride, just do it! The ride will be more than the few hours it might take, you will see amazing views along the way, you may stop to rest and discover villages you didn't know existed, plus the rides are scenic everywhere!

10. Don't dive in the hotel pool!

If you are staying in a hotel that has a pool, you will most likely see a sign that says diving is forbidden! Don't do it, the pools are not very deep, and you will likely make contact with the ground. We don't need you getting hurt while visiting Greece!

Did I miss anything? Let me know, send me a note!


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