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10 Things to do in Naxos Greece | Greece Media

Naxos is a beautiful island located in the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque villages.

Here are 10 things to do in Naxos, Greece:

1.Visit the Old Town of Naxos

The Old Town of Naxos is a charming area with narrow streets, traditional houses, and a picturesque harbor. It is a great place to explore on foot, and there are many shops, restaurants, and cafes to visit.

2. Relax on the beaches

Naxos is known for its beautiful beaches, and some of the best beaches on the island include Agios Prokopios Beach, Plaka Beach, and Agia Anna Beach. Be sure to bring your swimsuit and sunscreen, and spend a day soaking up the sun on one of the island's beautiful beaches.

3. Visit the Naxos Archaeological Museum

The Naxos Archaeological Museum has a collection of artifacts and objects from the island's long history. The museum is located in the Old Town and is well worth a visit for anyone interested in the history of the island.


4. Visit the Temple of Demeter

The Temple of Demeter is an ancient temple located on the outskirts of the town of Naxos. The temple is well-preserved, and it offers a fascinating glimpse into the religion and culture of ancient Greece.

5. Go hiking in the mountains

Naxos is a small island, but it has a rugged landscape with mountains, forests, and valleys. There are many hiking trails on the island, and some of the best hikes include the trail to the top of Mount Zas, the highest peak on the island, and the trail to the Kastraki Beach.

6. Try the local cuisine

Naxos has a rich culinary tradition, and some of the local specialties include local ksinimizithra cheese, fresh seafood, locally-grown vegetables, and traditional dishes such as dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and kleftiko (a type of lamb stew). Be sure to try some of the local food while you're on the island.

7. Go sailing

Naxos is an island, so there are many opportunities for sailing and boating. You can rent a boat or go on a guided tour to explore the island's beautiful coastline and crystal-clear waters.

8. Visit the Portara

The Portara is a large marble gate located on a small island just off the coast of Naxos. The gate is the only surviving part of the Temple of Apollo, and it offers panoramic views of the island and the sea.

9. Go scuba diving

Naxos has some of the best scuba diving in Greece, with crystal-clear waters and a rich marine life. There are many dive centers on the island where you can rent equipment and go on guided dives. Be sure to bring your diving certification if you want to explore the underwater world of Naxos.

10. Visit the Panagia Drosiani Monastery

The Panagia Drosiani Monastery is a beautiful monastery located in the mountains of Naxos. The monastery offers panoramic views of the island and the sea.

What is Naxos known for?

Naxos is the largest and most populous island in the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea. It is located in the central part of the Cyclades, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) southeast of the island of Athens. The island has a rich history and has been inhabited since ancient times. It was a major center of trade and culture in the Cyclades and played a significant role in the ancient world.

The island is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors from all over the world who come to experience its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Naxos is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, and offers a variety of activities, including swimming, hiking, and exploring the many ancient ruins scattered throughout the island. Today, Naxos is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural history, which can be explored through a number of museums and archaeological sites on the island.

What is Naxos historically known for?

Naxos is historically known for its rich history and cultural heritage. The island has a long and storied past, with evidence of human habitation dating back to the Neolithic period. In ancient times, Naxos was an important cultural and economic center, with a thriving port and a strong tradition of pottery and metalworking. The island was also home to a number of important temples and sanctuaries, including the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Dionysus.

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