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Interview with Dena Romios, Power Muse Productions, by Tony Kariotis.

In todays episode of Greece Chats I am joined by Dena Romios. Dena is the founder of Power Muse Productions which she founded in 2012.

Power Muse Productions organizes some the best concerts on the west coast of the US, hosting some of the best known Greek entertainers in the world.

In addition to Power Muse Productions, Dena now hosts her own podcast which you can find on GreekAFRadio called Muse Cast with Dena!

Join us for this super fun conversation with Dena Romios. You can follow Dena and Power Muse Productions online at: Instagram: power.muse and muse.cast.with.dena Facebook: Power Muse Productions Twitter: @PowerMuseProd TikTok: @powermuse --

Watch the video edition of this interview below:


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