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Interview with Giorgos Tsalikis, by Tony Kariotis.

In this edition of Greece Chats, I interview Giorgos Tsalikis, a Greek Recording Artist that needs no introduction.

Giorgos is a Greek singer full of passion, kefi and love for everything is does. He knows how to bring crowds to their feet all night and has been doing so his entire career.

Join me as I chat with him backstage before his concert in Boston, Massachusetts during his US tour in 2022, his first since the pandemic, to discuss what its like being the person he is, performing around the world for all the Greeks everywhere in the world.

His love for his family, his fans, and his country, Greece. I also ask him his favorite places in Greece to visit, so if you are here for Greece travel tips, Giorgos has a few for you!

Please note: The interview is conducted in English and Greek. Giorgos speaks Greek for most of the interview, as I speak English.

Tune in to the video edition of this podcast below:

Here is Giorgos's discography:


  • Αν ήμουνα παλιόπαιδο (Universal Music, 2001) Gold

  • Για σένα ξενυχτάω (Universal Music, 2002) Gold

  • Έκανα την νύχτα μέρα (Universal Music, 2003) Gold

  • Ο τέλειος άντρας (Universal Music, 2004)

  • Πυρετός (Universal Music, 2005)

  • Αγάπη Αχάριστη (Universal Music, 2006)

  • Τσαλίκης live (Universal Music, 2006)

  • Ένοχα βράδια (Universal Music, 2007)

  • 10 χρόνια: Οι μεγαλύτερες επιτυχίες + 3 νέα τραγούδια (Universal Music,2010)

  • Στο υπογράφω (Παπαπολιτικά, 2012) 3xPlatinum


  • "Θέλω να ονειρεύομαι μαζί σου" [cd single, 2003] Platinum

  • "Πάρα Πολύ" (cd-single, Cobalt Music, 2009)

  • "Στα πατώματα" (single, 2009)

  • "Τα περαστικά μου" (single Universal Music, 2009) ft Master Tempo

  • "Πάρ'το απόφαση" (single Universal Music, 2009) ft Master Tempo

  • "Αν ήσουν αγάπη" [single, 2011]

  • "Πανικός" [single, 2011]

  • "Ξέχνα τα παλιά'" (single, 2011)

  • "Δεν σου κάνω τον Άγιο" (Universal Music, single, 2013)

  • "Απαγορευμένο" (Universal, single, 2013)

  • "Θέλεις Πόλεμο" (GABI Music, 2013)

  • "Απαγορευμένο 2 (GABI Music, 2013)

  • "Είμαι μια χαρά"" (GABI Music, 2013)

  • "Estar Loco" (GABI Music, 2014) ft Azis


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