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Lichadonisia – A Day Trip of Awe

Lichadonisia – A day trip to remember!!

First off, where is Lichadonisia? It is a small set of tiny islands off the Northeast edge of Evia. Evia is the 2nd biggest island in Greece.

Next, how do you get there!? Well, its a hike but not that hard.

If you were to start from Athens. You would take Attiki road north to a small village with a port named Arkitsa. From Athens this drive is about an hour and a half. From here you take a 45 minute ferry, make sure you put the car on the ferry, because you will need it!! When you get off the ferry, you drive west along the main road all the way to the end of the island. There you will find a small beach with parking and a table stand selling boat rides to Lichadonisia. You will not need your car anymore, so park it. The ferry takes you to the island which is very close to where you parked, but the ferry first takes you for a tour around Lichadonisia and its many small rock islands. They will show you some seals if you are lucky and drive the boat over a underwater shipwreck! Luckily the ferry boats they use are glass bottom so you can actually see it!! After the tour they will take you the Lichadonisia dock which is the main beach. You may have trouble finding sunbeds on a busy day, however with people coming and going you should not have to wait too long!!


The experience.

The beach has a lot to offer, from taverna food to crystal clear waters and a walking path to the other side of the island where a tiny church sits. Some people come to this side for its quiet peaceful atmosphere.


If you are going to eat, the menu is short but AMAZING!!

The best they have to offer:

The tomato salad. Probably the best tomatoes I have yet to eat in Greece.


They also offer, chicken and pork souvlaki skewers as well as sandwiches and beverages.

The final boat heads back to Evia at 7, so if you get there early enough you can definitely squeeze in a full day of beach fun and exploration!! Bring your best camera, because there is plenty you will want to capture!!


Check out more photos from Lichadonisia by following me on social media!! Instagram: @iamgreece Twitter: @iamgreece_

History lesson: It is said that these islands were formed from an earthquake that happened in 426BC!

Day Trip Review:

The Beach 9/10 Food 10/10 Sites 8/10

Gear used:

Nikon D500 DJI Mavic Pro iPhone X


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