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Naxos Island review.


So the summer tour started off in Naxos! Known for its amazing food and amazing views the island did not disappoint!

Lets start off with the beaches!

-Agios Prokopoios

We started off at Agios Prokopios. An organized beach with a mix of youth and adults with crystal clear calm waters. A great combination!! The beach is lined up with 3 to 5 beach bar, restaurants ranging from traditional greek, tourist greek and italian foods. If you’d like to see an amazing drone video of this beach, head over to my instagram page @iamgreece 


-Agia Anna

Agia Anna is a lot of the same as Agios Prokopios. A bit more on the youthful side with the same shore line.


Mounsouna takes you down a different road. Across the island, over the mountains, through the villages lays a peaceful beach with soft sand and calm crystal clear water. The beach part is not organized however tavern tables lay just along the beach with a fisherman’s restaurant offering the best the island has to offer.


The food:

NAXOS CHEESE: A sour semi soft cheese made from cows milk. This alternate to feta gives the traditional Xoriatiki salad an amazing twist only found on this island!!


The places we ate:

-Doukato – A traditional Greek resturant hidden in back streets offered a perfect eating experience. All meals offered a chef signature, with the freshest ingredients!

-Filoti – A relaxed atmosphere outdoor eating experience inside the heart of the Naxos Village in Filoti.

-Metaxi mas – This restaurant seemed to be a tourist spot as quite frankly the food was par, but the setting in the narrow streets made up for that.

-Aposotolis – This restaurant while right next to Metaxi mas, offered better food with live music!

One more restaurant which we did not catch the name, may have offered the best food with a lively town atmopshere. Will update this section if I ever get the name!!

The adventures:


Mount Zas

The biggest adventure we took on was Mount Zas! A mountain in the heart of the village in Filoti. There is a halfway point that has a small cave to explore, if you pass this point you are in for the top. We had to cut our trip short due to daylight. Be prepared to be greeted by goats every few minutes. However we were able to clear the path, unintentially when I launched my Mavic Pro drone, the noise set them off!! They all went running for the hills. There was not another goat in sight!!

The mountain offers amazing views whether you scale the entire mountain or just to the cave point.

There is also a natural spring drinking foundation at the start. Have a bottle or a kanteen ready and fill it!


Quite less the adventure, however a sight to be seen is the sunset at the Temple of Apollon – Portara.


Hundreds gather here nightly to take in the last light of the day in a peaceful atmosphere overseeing the Aegean.

Last but not least, we visited the Kitron Distillery in Chalki. A neat showing off how they produce the islands gem!!

Check out some of the best pictures I was able to gather from Naxos on my Instagram feed: @iamgreece


Overall rating:

Beaches 7/10 Food 10/10 Sites 7/10 Night Life 6/10 Evening Life 9/10

Island Score: 39/50


Gear used on this island:

Nikon D500 DJI Mavic Pro iPhone X GoPro Hero 5


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