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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

This is my first blog post. So I had to choose where to start, so why not start with one of my 3 favorite photos I’ve taken in Greece. (Will show the other at another time)

Navagio Shipreck from Above – The Screaming Face

I stumbled upon this place in 2015. The photo was taken in 2017.

In 2015, along with a few friends we toured Zakynthos. It started off strange as we were mis advised on where to stay for a hotel. We ended up in Laganas. I know, big mistake. Unless you enjoy walking to grab some food and being walked into by drunk Brit after drunk Brit.

So after settling in and signing up for the tours, we ended up doing the Navagio tour along with the Blue Caves. I only saw this place in pictures before this, so I had an idea of what to expect but as you come close with the boat everything you expected goes out the window and you are introduced to an other worldly experience. Imagine for a second what it would be like if life paused and you were removed by the hand of God and placed on another planet far far away. Well it was sort of like that. The high wall cove that surrounds the beach makes it feel like you really are on another planet. It was fun while it lasted, a mere 25 minutes. Enough time to dip in the water twice, walk around the ship, and take a few pics and off you go.

The rest of the trip was fun, but something was left behind. I had to revisit.

2017 came around and I spent 4 weeks in Greece toured everywhere but never made it to Zakynthos. Off I went, back to the US to resume life. So what now? I ended up back in Greece a month later for a wedding. I was invited to this wedding several days before my first stint in 2017 ended. I could not resist it. I accepted the invitation and went. I scheduled a 2 week trip with the wedding on the 2nd day. So now I have 12 more days to go. I did not go straight to Zakynthos. I went to Crete, and Kalymnos. After Kalymnos I had 2 days left, what the heck. I took the car and drove to Kylini Port and off to Zakynthos.

I decided to experience Navagio from the top. I had my drone with me so it made some sense.

I experienced sunshine, twilight and sunset on top of Navagio. Add that to your bucketlist.

I walked away with the exact shot I wanted. An aerial shot of the ship, with waves coming on shore. I did not think the waves would crash in this most perfect way!

The morning after, after waking up in the hotel I noticed a stand selling tickets to go to Navagio Beach. They said only 12 euros. How could you resist. It wasn’t on my list as I was short on time but why not, go swim in that amazing cove one more time.

What did I walk away with for proof? (Because we live in a world where if you did not instagram it, it did not happen) See below:

So, moral of my first post? Go to Navagio Beach in Zakynthos. First day 1 experience it from above, day 2, go swim.



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