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The Ultimate Guide to Kalymnos Greece, 10 Things to Do on the Greek island of Kalymnos.


Welcome to the enchanting island of Kalymnos, a gem of the Dodecanese. Revered for its rich history, sponge diving, relaxing beaches, and, above all, its world-famous reputation as a climbing paradise, Kalymnos beckons the adventurous traveler in search of an authentic Greek island experience.

Kalymnos is known for it's massive diaspora spanning to all corners of the planet, forming large communities in places such as Tarpon Springs, FL USA and Darwin, Australia.

Whether you're looking for adrenaline-fueled activities, historical explorations, culinary delights, or simply the blissful serenity of island life, you'll find it all in Kalymnos. Let's embark on a journey through a list of 10 experiences this remarkable island has to offer.

1. Discover Climbing Paradise

Things to do in Kalymnos
  • World-renowned Climbing Destination: Kalymnos has established itself as a global climbing mecca. With hundreds of climbing routes carved into its impressive limestone cliffs, the island offers an exciting challenge for climbers of all experience levels. The climbing spots are well-bolted and offer a variety of styles and grades, ensuring every climber finds their perfect route.

  • Scenic Climbing Spots: The unique topography of Kalymnos sets the stage for some truly stunning climbing locations. Imagine scaling towering cliffs with panoramic views of the glittering Aegean Sea, unspoiled beaches, and rugged island landscapes. The climbing spots in areas like Grande Grotta, Odyssey, and Spartacus, among others, offer such breathtaking vistas.

  • Friendly Climbing Community: Whether you're a seasoned climber or a beginner, you'll find the climbing community on Kalymnos welcoming and supportive. Annual climbing festivals, local climbing schools, and the general camaraderie among climbers add to the richness of the climbing culture here.


2. Immerse Yourself in History at the Archaeological Museum

Things to do on Kalymnos Greece
  • Step Back in Time: Housed in a traditional two-storey mansion in Pothia, the Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos allows you to delve into the island's rich history. The museum features artifacts dating back to prehistoric times, including pottery, statues, inscriptions, and coins, which paint a vivid picture of Kalymnos through the ages.

  • Impressive Collection: The museum's collection is displayed across several rooms, each dedicated to different periods and themes. Highlights include a headless statue of Artemis from the Hellenistic period and a variety of objects from local shipwrecks, testament to Kalymnos's maritime past.

  • Architectural Beauty: The museum building itself is a noteworthy sight. Built in the traditional architectural style of the Dodecanese, it offers a glimpse into the local life of the past. Enjoy the museum's beautiful courtyard and take a moment to appreciate the ornate details and craftsmanship of the building.

3. Relax at Vlychadia Beach

Best beaches in kalymnos greece

  • Soothing Escape: Vlychadia is a relatively secluded beach situated in a beautiful, sheltered bay. Known for its pebbly shores and crystal-clear waters, Vlychadia offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking serenity. The natural landscape is stunning, with dramatic cliffs framing the view, creating a soothing atmosphere that instantly melts away stress.

  • Natural Marvels: Another remarkable feature of this beach is the series of natural caves on the sides of the bay. Rent a kayak or simply swim to explore these geological wonders, a sure treat for adventurous spirits.

  • Beachfront Amenities: While being secluded, Vlychadia still offers a selection of amenities. There's a lovely taverna by the beach serving delicious Greek dishes and fresh seafood. After a swim, relax on a sunbed under the shade of a parasol, and enjoy a tasty meal or drink while basking in the gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea.

Vlychadia Beach, with its blend of beauty and tranquility, offers the perfect setting to unwind and bask in the sun-kissed allure of Kalymnos. Whether you're up for a leisurely swim, an exciting cave exploration, or simply looking to soak up the sun while enjoying local cuisine, Vlychadia Beach promises a fulfilling day in this idyllic part of the island.

4. Discover the Secluded Splendors of Palionisos

Book a guided tour for kalymnos greece

  • Drive Down Memory Lane: Until 2009, Palionisos, a secluded gem, was a hard-to-reach destination, accessible only by boat. However, with the construction of a serpentine mountain road, you can now maneuver your way to this breathtaking beach, making for an adventurous and scenic drive. The winding road weaves through the rocky landscape, adding a dose of thrill to the journey.

  • Breathtaking Natural Beauty: As you navigate down the mountain road, be ready to be greeted by a panorama of sheer natural beauty. Framed by rugged cliffs and filled with a carpet of sparkling pebbles, Palionisos is a charming contrast of clear turquoise waters and earthy terrain. You'll feel like you've discovered your own private sanctuary that you will run home to tell everyone about!

5. Visit the Monastery of Agios Savvas

Agios Savvas Kalymnos Greece

  • Iconic Landmark: Perched on a hilltop overlooking Pothia, the Monastery of Agios Savvas is an iconic landmark of Kalymnos. The gleaming white structure against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea is a sight to behold. A visit here is a must for its historical, cultural, and spiritual significance, as well as for the panoramic views of the island.

  • Rich History: The monastery is dedicated to Saint Savvas, the patron saint of the island. Inside, you can admire the beautiful icons, the intricately carved wooden iconostasis, and the silver sarcophagus that houses the relics of the saint.

  • Breathtaking Views: The location of the monastery provides breathtaking views of Pothia harbor and the surrounding islands. Regardless of your spiritual inclinations, the serenity that this place offers, combined with its historical importance and stunning vistas, make it a must-visit spot in Kalymnos.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the authentic experiences Kalymnos has to offer, from tasting the island's unique delicacies to learning about its vibrant sponge-diving heritage and enjoying its vibrant nightlife. The journey continues through the heart of this Greek island paradise.

6. Learn about the Sponge-Diving Heritage

How to learn to sponge dive

  • Witness a Unique Tradition: Kalymnos is famously known as the “Sponge-Divers' Island”. For many generations, the islanders have dived into the Aegean Sea to collect natural sea sponges. This practice has shaped the island's identity and has become an integral part of its cultural heritage.

  • Visit the Sponge Factory: At the sponge factory in Pothia, you can observe the entire process of sponge processing, from cleaning and cutting to packaging. You can also purchase natural sea sponges as a unique souvenir to take back home.

  • Explore the Maritime Museum: The Maritime Museum in Pothia offers a fascinating insight into the history of sponge-diving and the seafaring traditions of Kalymnos. With its impressive collection of sponges, diving equipment, and maritime artifacts, a visit here will surely enrich your understanding of the island's cultural heritage.

7. Immerse in the Charm of Vathys Village

Is Kalymnos worth visiting?

  • Rustic Beauty: Nestled in a fertile valley lies the village of Vathys, a hidden gem on the island of Kalymnos. The verdant landscape, dotted with citrus and olive groves, provides a stark contrast to the surrounding rocky terrain. Its rustic beauty evokes a sense of tranquility that's hard to resist.

  • Architectural Delight: Strolling through the village, you'll come across traditional houses with colourful facades and narrow streets that tell tales of a bygone era. Visit the village's old sponge factory and see how Kalymnos thrived during the sponge-diving era.

  • Harbor Views: Vathys is also known for its picturesque harbor, one of the most beautiful in the Dodecanese. As you watch fishing boats bobbing gently in the water, indulge in a traditional Greek meal at one of the waterfront tavernas, absorbing the beauty and slow pace of life that is quintessential to Greek islands.

  • The famous hanging swing: Rent a Kayak and go see the hanging swing set. It'll be an adventure you will never forget!

8. Spend an afternoon exploring Pothia

best things to do in kalymnos

  • Historic Charm: Pothia, the capital and main port of Kalymnos, is an absolute delight for history and architecture enthusiasts. From its neoclassical mansions and colorful houses that reflect the island's sponge-diving heritage to the bustling harbor with traditional fishing boats, Pothia presents a captivating blend of the past and the present. The Nautical and Folklore Museum offers intriguing insights into the local history, while the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ and the Church of Agios Nikolaos impress with their ornate interiors and beautiful icons.

  • Marketplace Magic: No visit to Pothia would be complete without exploring its lively marketplaces. Lined with shops selling sponges, honey, herbs, and handmade souvenirs, these markets offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. You'll also find several taverns and cafes where you can sample delicious local cuisine and beverages. Don't forget to try 'Mirmizeli,' a traditional Kalymnian salad, and the sweet 'Loukoumades.'

  • Scenic Walks: Pothia's enchanting narrow streets, stairways and squares, and charming old quarter make it perfect for leisurely walks. Take your time to discover hidden gems, interact with friendly locals, or simply enjoy the stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Near the port, you'll find the bronze statue of the 'Lady Sponge diver,' a tribute to the island's sponge-diving history.

I'll continue with more unique experiences to be had on the remarkable island of Kalymnos. Each activity is a piece of the island's mosaic, giving you a more complete understanding of what makes Kalymnos so special. From exploring sea caves to basking on serene beaches, the adventures continue. Stay tuned for more thrilling insights into the island life of Kalymnos!

9. Day Trip to Pserimos: A Tiny Island Paradise

how to get to pserimos greece
  • Hop on a Boat: Begin your trip to Pserimos from Kalymnos by embarking on a leisurely boat ride across the azure waters. As you glide along the sea, enjoy the mesmerizing views of the surrounding islands. The boat trip itself is a delightful experience, setting the mood for your day-long escape. Regular boats operate from Pothia, making it an easy and enjoyable journey.

  • Bask in Tranquility: As your feet touch the shores of Pserimos, you'll immediately notice the stark contrast with more tourist-packed islands. With a population of less than a hundred residents, Pserimos offers an untouched paradise, making it a perfect day trip destination for those seeking serenity amidst nature.

  • Explore Beautiful Beaches: The island boasts several charming sandy beaches with crystalline waters. The main beach at Avlakia is an organized one with sun loungers and umbrellas, while there are also plenty of more secluded options for those wanting solitude. Stroll along the shores, take a refreshing dip, or simply sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of waves caressing the sand.

  • Savor Local Delicacies: Pserimos is home to a few traditional tavernas serving delicious local dishes. After spending your morning exploring, treat yourself to a Greek culinary experience. From freshly caught seafood to traditional Greek salads, these tavernas are the perfect place to satiate your hunger while basking in the quaint charm of this tiny island.

A day trip to Pserimos is like stepping into a different world – a world that moves at a slower pace, where you can appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Its charm lies in its minimalism, making it a stark contrast to the busier, more crowded Greek islands. Unwind, relax, and lose track of time as you immerse yourself in the laid-back vibe of Pserimos. If you want to experience a different side of the Greek islands, Pserimos is a detour worth taking.

9. See a sunset on Plati Gialo Beach

best sunset spots in greece

  • Stunning views: Plati Gialos Beach is one of those places where nature simply decided to show off. Located on the southwestern side of the island, this beach is known for its fine sand, clear waters, and an ambient setting that can only be described as heavenly. When the sun starts to dip, the view is nothing short of breathtaking. The sky turns into a canvas of orange, pink, and red hues, while the sea reflects these colors, creating a magical spectacle. It is a sight that will make your heart skip a beat and a moment that deserves to be captured and cherished forever.

  • Quiet and peaceful: One of the best things about Plati Gialos is that it is not as crowded as some other beaches on the island. This gives you the opportunity to find a peaceful spot, sit back, and really soak in the beauty that unfolds before your eyes. As the day draws to a close, the surroundings become even more serene. The only sounds you'll hear are the gentle lapping of the waves and perhaps the distant call of a seagull. It's the perfect setting for some introspection or a romantic moment with your partner.

10. Indulge in a Beach Day at Masouri

best beaches on kalymnos greece

  • Beach Bliss: Known for its sandy shores and turquoise waters, Masouri is Kalymnos's most famous beach town. This is where you can truly experience the laid-back island lifestyle. Sunbathe on the soft sand, take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters, or try your hand at water sports - Masouri is the perfect place to enjoy a quintessential beach day in Kalymnos.

  • Breathtaking Scenery: Adding to its charm is the stunning backdrop of the islet of Telendos, which lies just across the strait. As you soak up the sun or enjoy a leisurely swim, the view of Telendos against the infinite Aegean blue is simply mesmerizing.

  • Vibrant Atmosphere: As the sun begins to set, Masouri transforms into a lively hub with its beachfront lined with cafes, tavernas, and shops. Savor delicious Greek cuisine at one of the local eateries, or simply enjoy a refreshing drink as you watch the spectacular sunset.

  • Telendos: With the island of Telendos in your sight while swimming at Masouri Beach, you may wonder what it's like there. Thankfully there are boats that go over every 15-20 minutes, jump on the boat and spend an afternoon exploring the small village on Telendos.

Diverse, inviting, and full of surprises, Kalymnos promises an unforgettable Greek island adventure. It's a place where historical intrigue meets natural beauty and vibrant culture. Whether you're exploring ancient ruins, immersing in the local culture, basking on beautiful beaches, or taking part in thrilling outdoor activities, Kalymnos offers a unique experience for every kind of traveler. Pack your bags and prepare for an enriching journey through this captivating Aegean gem. Your dream Greek holiday awaits!

Bonus 11. Immerse in Kalmynos' Culinary Scene

what to eat kalymnos greece

  • Savoring the Sika figs: Kalymnos is renowned for its succulent figs, locally referred to as 'Sika'. Whether consumed fresh, or used in traditional culinary preparations, these figs offer an unforgettable taste that mirrors the rich flavor profile of the island.

  • Mermizeli Salad: Mermizeli, a beloved Kalymnian salad, is a gastronomic delight made from barley rusks, tomatoes, onions, olives, capers, and the distinctive kopanisti cheese, all generously drizzled with locally-sourced olive oil. Every mouthful of this flavorful dish gives you a taste of Kalymnos' vibrant culinary culture.

  • Fila: Fila, a signature dish of Kalymnos, comprises of grape leaves stuffed with a hearty mix of meat and rice. These are slow-cooked to perfection in a large pot brimming with avgolemono, an egg-lemon sauce that enhances the dish's flavors, providing a delightful taste of Kalymnian gastronomy.

  • Exploring Kalymnian Cuisine: The culinary adventure in Kalymnos extends beyond these standout dishes. With its bountiful seas, the island offers a variety of fresh seafood options. Quaint tavernas tucked away in the island's meandering streets dish out a plethora of traditional Greek delicacies, each with its unique flavor story. Your gastronomic journey in Kalymnos promises to be as breathtaking as its scenic vistas.


A trip to Kalymnos, often overshadowed by its better-known siblings, is akin to discovering an untouched gem in the vast sea. The allure of this enchanting island lies not only in its breathtaking natural beauty and climbing fame but also in its rich cultural heritage and welcoming locals.

The invigorating thrills of rock climbing, tranquil strolls through historic sites, sun-soaked days on serene beaches, and gastronomic adventures with local delicacies offer an enticing blend of experiences that cater to different tastes. Whether it's venturing to Vathys Village's serene tranquillity, experiencing the raw allure of Palionisos, basking in the vibrant atmosphere of Masouri and Vlychadia, or the joy of discovering the island's unique culinary treats like Mermizeli, every day in Kalymnos promises a new adventure.

Remember to save some time for leisurely exploration — perhaps a day trip to Pserimos or an afternoon exploring Pothia. The magic of Kalymnos lies as much in its well-loved sights as in its hidden corners. Who knows what delights you'll stumble upon as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of island life? One thing is certain: a journey to Kalymnos is sure to etch memories of an incredible Greek island experience in your heart, beckoning you back to its captivating charm.

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Safe travels and may your Greek adventures be filled with joy, discovery, and cherished memories!



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