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Travel Greece with IAmGreece

September 2024
Athens & Paros Island
A 5-Day Odyssey

Tickets available now. Reserve your spot with a small deposit.

The Tony Kariotis Greece Experience

Embark on an unparalleled journey with Tony Kariotis, the face behind the renowned @iamgreece brand, as we traverse the captivating corners of Athens for 2 days and the serene landscapes of Paros for 3 days in September 2024. This meticulously curated 5-day/5-night experience strikes a harmonious balance between organized group events and the freedom to carve out your own Grecian adventure. Dive deep into Athens' rich history, sail the pristine waters of Paros on a private yacht, and indulge in authentic Greek dinners in unique Greek villages, all while having the liberty to explore on your terms. Join us in weaving memories steeped in Greece's enchanting culture and landscapes, all under the guidance and insider knowledge of one of its most passionate ambassadors. Join us September 2024, for the promise of an unforgettable experience in Greece.

Why travel with us?

With Tony, it's not just about visiting places—it's about truly experiencing them. Relish authentic local meals, glide on a private boatcruise through the Aegean, and forge genuine connections with a like-minded community. Limited to a close-knit group of 30, this expedition promises personal attention, enriching interactions, and the unparalleled charm of Greece, all through the lens of the @iamgreece vision.

Image by Raimond Klavins

Discover Greece Your Way

Venture into the enchanting landscapes of Greece with a tour that seamlessly marries guided exploration with individual wanderlust. While our journey boasts a thoughtfully crafted itinerary featuring must-see highlights and hidden gems, we deeply value the spirit of personal discovery. Participants are heartily encouraged to venture off the beaten path, immerse themselves in spontaneous adventures, or simply relax at their own pace. Rejoin the group whenever you're ready, sharing tales of your own escapades. With us, the beauty of Greece unfolds on your terms, granting you the liberty to shape your own unique story amidst its ancient wonders and sun-kissed shores.

Image by Enric Domas

What's included, exactly?

Tony Kariotis & Greece Media Presents: An Exclusive @iamgreece Experience

  • Destinations: Dive into the rich history of Athens and soak in the serene beauty of Paros.

  • Duration: A meticulously curated 5-day/5-night adventure with Tony Kariotis known as @iamgreece.

  • Limited Spots: Exclusive group capped at 30 participants for a personal, intimate experience.

  • Signature Experiences:

    • Begin and end with organized dinners in unique, local settings.

    • Delve deep into Greek culture with museum visits handpicked by @iamgreece.

    • Sail the Aegean Sea on a private boat cruise, tailored for our group, with an included lunch at sea.

  • Included in Cost:

    • Comfortable hotel accommodations, hand-selected for an authentic Greek feel.

    • Seamless transportation: Includes all ferry and bus transfers.

    • Two special group dinners to relish Greek cuisine in unforgettable locales.

    • All activity tickets and experiences covered in the package price.

  • Flexible Exploration:

    • Embrace the freedom to explore on your own, immersing yourself in personal adventures.

    • While there are signature group activities, you're encouraged to carve out your own experiences, making the journey truly yours.

    • Only request: Join us for the handpicked group experiences designed to enhance your Greek adventure.

  • Travel with the Expert: Experience Greece through Tony's eyes, leveraging his vast knowledge and passion for Greek culture, history, and landscapes.

  • Exclusive Merchandise: Commemorate your journey with special @iamgreece travel keepsakes.

  • Booking: Reserve your spot today with a small deposit, balance to be paid 5 months before tour.

Book your spot below.

Tony Kariotis's I Am Greece Experience - Group Tour
Tony Kariotis's I Am Greece Experience - Group Tour
Sep 09, 2024, 7:00 PM – Sep 14, 2024, 12:00 PM
Athens and Paros Island,
Athens, Greece

Have a question before booking your spot? Email Tony here!

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