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Interview with Artemis Kohas, Founder of The Kohas Agency, by Tony Kariotis

In this episode of Greece Chats I am joined by Artemis Kohas.

You may remember Artemis on this show, she’s appeared a couple times, including the very first episode of Greece Chats! Artemis is the Founder of the Kohas Agency, and the Director of Community Development for the Hellenic Initiative.

This time around, Artemis gives us an update on some new things she’s working on that are coming up, and we also take a dive into her Greek roots and talk about her home island, Chios!

Artemis is a well-rounded communications and PR professional with a solid background in psychology, Artemis brings a multi-faceted approach to her projects. Her work with organizations including A Caring Hand and the New York City Department of Education, combined with her extensive philanthropic pursuits, has given her a deeply thoughtful approach to everything she does. As founder of The Kohas Agency she brings this personal touch to her work relationships, ensuring that each client receives individual treatment highlighting their needs, goals, and skills, while understanding where improvement is required and how to best address it.

Most recently, Artemis became a certified Yoga teacher with 200 hours of training. Every time a person or project comes across her desk, Artemis takes time to thoroughly understand the personal and business goals in order to most effectively communicate with a wide audience. She leverages her own connections, both in New York and Greece, to bring people together, create memorable events and experiences, engaging existing and new audiences to build a long-term community.

Tune in to the video edition of this podcast below:

Learn more about Artemis and The Kohas Agency at:


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