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Acquire a digital nomad visa in Greece.

Work remotely from Greece, legally.

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What is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa allows you to live and work in Greece, without any issues. It gives you a legal residence in Greece as a remote worker for up to a year. After that you can apply for a  

Digital Nomad Residence Permit, to stay longer.

What are the requirements? Here is the checklist.

  • You must be a non-EU citizen, non-Swiss, and non-EEA to apply for the visa.

  • You must make 3,500€/month minimum income.

  • You must have proof of health insurance.

  • Your employer cannot be a company registered in Greece.

  • Proof of accommodation in Greece.

  • Proof you can pay for the application fee. ($75 USD)

  • You must have proof of a clean criminal record.

  • You must provide a certified health check.

  • You must provide proof of accommodations in Greece.

  • A declaration letter, stating you do not intend to work for a Greek company while in Greece.

Do you meet these requirements? Then you have what it takes to apply!

Book a consultation for your digital nomad visa.

Greece Media now offers a full consultation to help you prepare everything you need to apply for a digital nomad visa for Greece.

*This consultation fee is non-refundable.

This consultation does not include the visa approval, the visa or the application fee.

The consultation will help you prepare your application and answer any questions you may have.

After your application is submitted and paid for, the approval time usually takes about 10 business days.

The benefits of becoming a digital nomad in Greece.

Aside from being able to work remotely from Greece, the visa offers some tax benefits!

When you acquire the digital nomad visa, you are entitled to 50% tax break in Greece. If you do not stay in Greece for more than 6 months in a year, then you will not pay any taxes.

Just imagine, finishing your days work on the coast of Little Venice, Mykonos and then exploring Mykonos Town. The possibilities are endless.

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With your digital nomad visa, where in Greece will you work from?

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