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Interview with Lucy Tranos, by Tony Kariotis.

In this episode of Greece Chats I interview Lucy Tranos, better known as LucyInTheSskyy on social media.

Lucy is a professional travel influencer, that takes stunning photography in the most amazing places in the world. Not only does she travel around Greece, but you will find her in other amazing places around the world such as the Maldives, the Seychelles, Morocco, Cuba, just to name a few.

Her page is a must follow if you love travel. In this chat we talk about what its like to be a travel influencer. What goes into planning a trip to a destination as an influencer. What does it take to build your brand as one, how do you keep up with all the content demands? Is this all as fun as it looks?

As someone who loves traveling I was curious to ask her where does she love to travel the most and where in Greece is her favorite place to visit!? We dive into all this and much much more. We also dive into how social media has turned previously lesser known destinations in Greece into world famous destinations.

A perfect example is Milos island with the popular Sarakiniko beach. I’ve followed Lucy from the days when she first started out and now she has accumulated over 250,000 followers. Lets jump into this interesting conversation with Lucy!

You can follow Lucy on Instagram at


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