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Cafe for a Cause

Join us in our collaborative effort along with our friends at Aegean Rebreath, Kristina Headrick from Yia Mas and Tony Kariotis from Greece Media as we try and help contribute to solving one main issue in Greece, plastics in the seas.

Coffees are served by the droves in single-use plastic cups, trash blows off of ferries, and our seas are polluted. Millions of people in Greece each year unaware that their eco-footprint outstays their vacation.


This initiative combines educational posts and a fun, reusable cup (on sale soon!). All proceeds from this initiative will support Aegean Rebreath AND make it easy for you to switch to a single-use cup for coffee time.

We hope you’ll share this and continue to share our educational posts, too! Together we can make a difference and treat our Mother Earth with respect.

We have prepared a beautiful reusable cup made of glass and silicone. Its absolutely gorgeous!! We can't wait to put one in your hands.

The Cup comes in 3 variants. Freddo, Glyko, or Metrio. You can also purchase all 3 at a discounted rate!

Ordering is now OPEN!


Order now!


All proceeds benefit Aegean Rebreath and their efforts to clean the Greek seas.

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