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10 Things to do in Folegandros Greece | Greece Media

Folegandros is a beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea, and is becoming the best kept secret travelers from around the world. With its stunning beaches, rich history, and delicious cuisine, and few ways to arrive, Folegandros offers the perfect escape for those that want to experience Greece, without the noise.

Here are ten activities that you should consider while visiting Folegandros:

1. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Folegandros

The Archaeological Museum of Folegandros is located in the town of Hora, and it is dedicated to the archaeology and history of the island. The museum contains a collection of artifacts and exhibits that provide insight into the island's ancient past.

2. Relax on one of the island's many beaches

Folegandros has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they are the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. Some of the most popular beaches on the island include Livadaki Beach, Agali Beach, and Agios Georgios Beach.

3. Visit the Church of Panagia

The Church of Panagia is a beautiful church located on the island of Folegandros, and it is a popular spot for visitors to the island. The walk up is known for its famous zig zag walkway. The church is known for its stunning views and peaceful atmosphere, and it is a great place to escape the crowds of Folegandros. A trip to Folegandros would be incomplete without visiting this.

4. Explore the streets of the town of Chora

The town of Chora is a great place to explore on foot, and it is home to many of the island's most important historical landmarks. The winding streets of the town are filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants, and there is always something new to discover.

5. Visit the Folegandros Folklore Museum

The Folegandros Folklore Museum is located in the town of Hora, and it is dedicated to the history and culture of the island. The museum contains a collection of artifacts and exhibits that provide insight into the island's traditional way of life.

6. Take a boat tour of the island

A boat tour is a great way to see the island of Folegandros from a different perspective. You can take a boat tour that takes you around the island, to discover beaches and coves you otherwise would not see.

7. Wander through Kastro

Exploring the ancient fortress of Kastro on the Greek island of Folegandros offers a glimpse into the island's rich history and stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

8. Try the local cuisine

Folegandros has a rich and delicious cuisine that is influenced by both Greek and Mediterranean flavors. Some of the dishes you should try while on the island include Matsata, which is a local variety of fresh homemade pasta, as well as dakos, a type of Greek salad, and bouyourdi, a type of baked dish made with tomatoes, feta cheese, and olive oil.

9. Go for a hike

The island of Folegandros has many areas that offer incredible views, and some beaches that can only be access by foot! So how about a nice hike along the coast to find some of the islands remote beaches.

10. Experience the evenings of Chora

Chora offers a beautiful village of taverns, bars and cafes, and in the evening these turn into a vibrant evening.

What is Folegranros known for?

Folengandro is known for its traditional architecture, including white-washed houses with blue-painted doors and windows. The island is also known for its scenic landscapes, including rocky cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Additionally, Folegandros is known for its relaxed lifestyle, friendly locals, and lively tavernas, which offer traditional Greek food and music.

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