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Why should you visit Milos? Here are 5 things to do while on the island in Greece.

You may have heard the island Milos in Greece has gotten really popular lately. Especially on social media with its breathtaking landscape, beaches, and views. Well there are definitely worthy reasons as to why!

In this entry I am not going to cover everything the island has to see and do, rather I will tell you 5 things to make sure you do in order to see everything Milos has to offer.

Having visited the island 6 times so far, I feel comfortable with this list, giving you the best information to really see and feel Milos!

1. Rent an ATV.

Milos is an adventure. So you should be ready to be adventurous. A lot of the island isn't developed. There are regular roads, there are dirt roads, there are no roads. While a car may be the safe option, it will limit you! An ATV 4-wheeler is your best bet to see as much as possible, and never really have issues parking anywhere! Get an ATV, grab your map, and just go explore!

2. Explore the beaches.

Most of the roads will lead you to either an amazing beach or an picturesque village. Some of these beaches can also be a challenge. For instance popular beach Tsigrado, involves climbing down between two boulders, while holding a rope, which leads to a cliff, with a ladder waiting. There is no other way to get to this beach, unless you had a boat.

The one you probabably came to this article to hear about is Sarakiniko. While this one poses no challenge to access, it is probably one of the most amazing experiences Greece has to offer! A white stone, wind shaped landscape, with different sections, a shore swimming section, and unreal cliffs you can jump off of. Avoid jumping the cliff area on windy days, as the waves can be threatening.

3. Fully charge your cameras.

This island is photogenic. Every beach, every village, every sunset, will make you say wow. This means you will be able to take some of the most amazing photos to take home with you or to show off on your instagram to all your friends!

Keep your batteries fully charged with a battery backup pack, as you won't want to waste time going somewhere to charge them.


4. Eat food cooked on the sand.

I have two food recommendations on this island. One is at one of the most amazing restaurants in Greece, called 'O Hamos'. Call in advance, there is usually a long wait for dinner.

The other, is on the beach. Paleochora beach to be specific. If you dig your toes into the sand at this beach, after about a foots length you will feel extreme heat! Thats because this island is a volcano, and the volcanic heat is just underneath! So, the locals here figured, lets take advantage and try cooking some food on this. So a portion of the beaches tavern, features a part of the menu that is cooked on the volcanic heat!

5. Boat day.

This part is probably the most important part of this guide! Why? Because like I said earlier, this island isn't fully developed with roads. Even so an ATV can have difficulty getting to every corner. So I advise to leave your second to last day dedicated to a full day boat excursion.

You will notice quickly when you arrive that all the tour boats docked by the port are advertising their services. If you want to see some other incredible beaches, you HAVE to do a boat tour. They will take you to Kleftiko beach, and usually 1 or 2 more depending on winds. They will also offer lunch, drinks, music, and a great time. Furthermore, before they bring you back, they will slowly sail during sunset, for you to enjoy a sunset at sea. Truly incredible. When they come back to dock, enjoy the evening in the port town to unwind from your day.

See what Sarakiniko Beach is like:

Watch the short film below and get a glimpse of the views and sounds of the incredible moonscape volcanic beach.


I don't want to dive in to more details about Milos, since part of the adventure is the discovery which you will enjoy. You will take pride in discovering some of the amazing areas, rather than seeing them here first.

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