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5 Reasons you need your Greek Citizenship. Here is how to get it!

Acquiring Greek Nationality. Is it easy to get Greece citizenship?

In this article I will list a few of the benefits that obtaining your Greek citizenship gives you. I will also show you how easy it can be, and how to get it done!

1. Is a Greek passport strong?

Yes. Having a Greek in addition to your current passport will allow you to visit 186 countries without a visa (as of 2021). That alone for me, can be the lone selling point!

2. Does a Greek Passport let me work in Greece?

It has all the benefits of a European Union passport, which means that you can travel, work and study as long as you like in most European countries. So if you have a remote job, you can pretty much go to pretty much anywhere in Europe, settle in, get your work done, without worrying about limits.

3. Greek Citizens get health care and can vote in all EU-related elections.

4. EU Passport holders get free education.

EU passport holders (students) do not have to pay for college tuition (some restrictions) - There are many reasons to study in the EU: reputable universities, opportunities for international networking and career development, famously diverse cities, high quality of life, and, of course, 28 different countries with free or very affordable tuition fees.

5. Can I own property in Greece if I am not a citizen?

Yes. Property ownership - EU dual citizenship grants you the ability to own property in any of the EU countries without a permit.

These are just 5 reasons, with plenty more! Curious if you can claim yours? Do you qualify? Well there's just one way to find out, get a consultation done, followed by having an expert. Still sounds complicated? Don't worry I have you covered, my company Greece Media specializes in this! Here is what to do:

Can I get my Greek citizenship?

Book a consultation. You can do so right here. What this step does is makes sure you qualify to Greek citizenship. We wouldn't want you to go through all the steps, just to get rejected by the Consulate that makes the final call. We ask you several questions in a multi step process, and provide a communication channel for any questions you may have.

After the consultation, we connect you with a law firm that specializes in citizenship acquisition, that also fits your case best. Once your qualification is confirmed, they will walk you through the next steps, to formally apply with the Consulate so that you can get your Greek Citizenship and your EU Passport.

How long does it take to become a Greek citizen?

Depending on the complexity of your case, the process can take anywhere from just a few months but up to 2 years.

Visit for a little more information on this and to get started!

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