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How to get Greek Dual Citizenship [VIDEO]

In this episode of Greece Chats I am joined by Greek Citizenship Acquisition specialist, Rose Livaditis. Watch this video as we answer all the questions you may have. At Greece Media we help people just like you get their citizenship but handling the process on your behalf.

How to get greek dual citizenship

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Listen to audio only edition:

Get your Greek Citizenship

Welcome to a special episode of our podcast, where I, Tony Kariotis, dive deep into the fascinating world of obtaining Greek dual citizenship. Join us for an enlightening journey as we explore this topic with none other than citizenship specialist Rose Livaditis.

🌟 In-Depth Interview: Tony Kariotis interviews Rose Livaditis, with her vast expertise, sheds light on the entire process of acquiring Greek dual citizenship. From documentation to legal nuances, we've covered it all!

🔍 Popular Questions Answered: We tackle the most commonly asked questions about Greek citizenship, providing you with clear, concise answers. Whether it's about eligibility, the application process, or benefits, we've got you covered.

📖 Begin Your Journey to Citizenship: Ready to embark on the path to Greek citizenship? Visit to book your consultation today. Take advantage of our special discount on consultations and make your dream of becoming a Greek citizen a reality.

Why Watch This Video?

Get expert insights from Rose Livaditis. Understand the comprehensive process of gaining Greek citizenship. Learn about the benefits and requirements in an easy-to-understand format. Exclusive tips and advice not found elsewhere.

get greek citizenship fast


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