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10 Things To do in Paros Greece | Greece Media

Are you ready for the perfect summer destination? A picturesque island in Greece where crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and a vibrant nightlife come together to create the perfect vacation.

Are you looking to relax on a secluded beach, explore ancient ruins and picturesque villages, or party until the sun comes up? Paros has something for you.

Pack your bags and get ready for a trip you won't ever forget! Here are ten activities that you should consider while visiting Paros:

1. Visit the Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani

The Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is a beautiful church located on the island of Paros, and it is a popular spot for visitors to the island. The church is known for its 100 doors, hence its name in Greek. I'd advise to get a tour guide that can teach you it's incredible history.

2. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Paros

The Archaeological Museum of Paros is located in the town of Parikia, and it is dedicated to the archaeology and history of the island. The museum contains what you'd expect, a collection of artifacts and exhibits that provide insight into the island's past.

3. Spend the day exploring the village of Naousa.

Naousa is a charming town located on the north coast of the island of Paros, known for its picturesque fishing harbour, traditional Cycladic architecture, and lively atmosphere with a variety of shops, restaurants and bars. If you follow Greek social media accounts, you in all likelihood have seen photos from Naousa Paros. A famous photo op is the pink door at the club called Linardo.


4. Relax on one of the island's many beaches.

Paros has some unique beaches and a mix of your traditional organized beaches. Some of the most popular beaches on the island include Kolymbithres Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Punda Beach, and Golden Beach.

5. Take a boat tour in Paros.

Visit the town of Alikis, and you will find boat tours that take you to the turquiose waters for a swim. You may also find some tours that will take you to more places, even Antiparos!


6. Explore the streets of the town of Parikia.

The town of Parikia is a great place to explore on foot, and it is home to many of the island's most important historical landmarks. The winding streets of the town are filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants, and there is always something new to discover.

7. Visit the Paros Folklore Museum.

The Paros Folklore Museum is located in the town of Parikia, and it is dedicated to the history and culture of the island.

8. Visit the island of Antiparos.

The island of Antiparos is located just a short boat ride from Paros, and it is a great place to visit for a day trip. Antiparos is famous for its beautiful beaches and peaceful atmosphere, and it is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling. You may also run into Antiparos residents such as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson!

9. Try the local cuisine.

Paros has a rich and delicious cuisine that is influenced by both Greek and Mediterranean flavors. When ordered a Greek salad, make sure to request local (ksinomizithra) cheese rather than feta, you will thank us later!

10. Explore the villages.

You definitely want to explore some of the villages such as Lefkes and Marpissa. Lefkes is a charming hilltop village located in the heart of the island of Paros, known for its traditional Cycladic architecture and stunning views. Lefkes is the former capitol of the island. Visitor stroll through the streets, admiring the architecture and taking in the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Lefkes is a perfect place to explore on foot, with many small paths and alleys leading to secluded squares and hidden churches. It is a great spot for photography lovers. You will also find a few cafes and restaurants in Lefkes.

What is Paros known for?

Paros is a popular tourist destination, known for its vibrant nightlife and variety of activities. The island is famous for its beaches, such as Kolymbithres and Santa Maria, which offer crystal-clear waters and white sandy shores, perfect for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Visitors can also explore the rich history of Paros by visiting the ancient marble quarries of Marathi, the ancient city of Paroikia and the Byzantine church of Ekatontapiliani. The island's traditional villages, such as Naousa and Lefkes, are also popular among tourists looking to experience the traditional way of life of Paros. The island's vibrant nightlife and excellent tavernas and restaurants make it a perfect destination for foodies and party-goers.

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