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Boston Red Sox honor Greek Tony Kariotis of Greece in Hats Off to Heroes ceremony.

Tony Kariotis, Founder of Greece Media, The Teddy K Classic Foundation and the viral Ep! Apagorevete! series honored by the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Boston Red Sox in June 2022 on Greek Heritage Night honored Tony Kariotis a Greek with roots from the Boston community for his exceptional philanthropic work in their community, in their Hats Off to Heroes ceremony. An award normally set aside for veterans, however due to the nature of Greek Heritage Night, the award was given to a non-veteran Greek. This year's Hats Off To Heroes Award was awarded to Tony Kariotis.

Kariotis's philanthropic work in the Greek community of Boston was highlighted during the ceremony. Tony is the Director of The Teddy K Classic Foundation, which hosts an annual Greek basketball tournament to the Greeks of America. The tournament was founded in 2009 after the passing of Tony's father, Teddy Kariotis. Tony and his family formed the foundation, to give back to the community. The tournament raises funds and gives back scholarships to participating students heading off the university. The tournament hosts players of all ages over a 5 day event in Brookline, MA. Learn more about the Teddy K Classic here:

Kariotis's philanthropic work doesn't stop there. Since 2007 he has also head coaches his Greek community church's High School basketball team. Tony continues to serve as Head Coach entering his 16th season, the longest tenured coach in the respective program.

From 2007 to 2017 Kariotis also served as the lead advisor in the church's youth program at St. Nectarios in Roslindale, MA

2022 has been a year of many accolades for Kariotis. In June Tony also received an award from the Greek America Foundation in their Forty Under 40 award ceremony. The award was initially awarded to him in 2020, however due to the pandemic, the ceremony was delayed until June 2022.

In the summer of 2022, Kariotis made several public appearances on Greece TV talk shows. In July he appeared on SKAI TV, as well as ERT TV. In October he appeared on Greece's most popular afternoon talk show, The Eleni Menegaki Show.

Kariotis is also known for his wildly popular social media presence in the Greek community as a Greece travel influencer, going by the name @iamgreece. Kariotis spends most of his time traveling around Greece, showcasing everything is has to offer to his audience. In 2021 he created the wildly viral Ep! Apagorevete! skit series, depicting how old Greek men act when someone younger attempts to do something, the series has eclipsed 40 million views and has become a popular catchphrase among his demographic.

Kariotis is the Founder and CEO of Greece, Inc, a digital hub for Greece tourism, cultural services and Greek education.

You can learn more about Tony Kariotis and follow him on his array of social media channels by checking out his links on his LinkTree.

(This article was a contribution by a member of the Greek community.)


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