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Interview with Christina Mavronas, Actor, by Tony Kariotis.

In this episode of Greece Chats I am joined by Christina Mavronas.

Christina is a Greek-American actor and writer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She first began this journey via improv at the Kimball Studio, and after years of exploring this craft, she finally decided to take an even deeper plunge as an actor. She went on to study the Meisner technique at the Maggie Flanigan Studio which is where she fully unearthed her passion for the human condition and the desire to bring worlds to life.

As Christina continued to work on her craft, she was fortunate to work on acting projects and have the incredible privilege of receiving callbacks from directors such as Ava DuVernay and Dee Reese, yet she still craved a more proactive approach for her career as an actor. Which is why she began learning and practicing the art of screenwriting. This gave her the tools she needed to help transforms her ideas into short films and sketches for others to see.

Her creations often are inspired by her own experiences - relating to NYC moments, dating, immigrant families, and more, which have been showcased by platforms such as @NewYorkers, @Yerr.NYC, Ocktober Film Festival and beyond. She is passionate about bringing her community together and often highlights fellow creatives on her social channels.

Creating content which is authentic to her and can be shared with her community is one of the many things that bring her joy and she can’t wait to share future projects that are in the pipeline. You can find Christina at on both Instagram and TikTok where you can laugh with her and be kept in the loop for her future projects.

Watch video edition of this interview between Tony Kariotis and Christina Mavronas.

- Greece Chats Podcast with Tony Kariotis


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