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Interview with the Co-Founders of Origins app, Lambros Politis & George Malevitsis, by Tony Kariotis

In this episode of Greece Chats I am joined the co-founders of the Origins app, Lambros Politis and George Malevtsis.

Origins is a new way to connect individuals who share a similar heritage story, background, or hometown with an eye towards cultivating new and lasting relationships. It connects descendants of immigrants with individuals whose parents/grandparents are from the same place of origin. Origins also connects travelers who are from the same hometown while visiting other parts of the country or around the globe. Origins streamlines the process of making new friends by introducing people based on a shared identity rooted in geography and/or culture.

Tune in as we discuss what the app does, what it took to develop it, and more about Lambros and George's roots.

Tune in to the video edition of this podcast below:


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