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Rhodes – What to do in Rhodes? Heres my (extended) trip!


When I booked my ticket to Rhodes, it was for 5 days. Little did I know it was going to turn into a 3 week trip I will never forget!!

I came to Rhodes with a friend from back home. He happened to be in Greece the same time as I was, so we planned to experience an island together. Rhodes was on my list, and we both mentioned it simultaneously- done!

We arrived to Rhodes, without a hotel booked. We knew with modern tech, we can find something relatively quick, which we did. In the Old Town. Lets start with the Old Town!


The Old Town, is exactly that. Old. A summer tourism location full of shops! Whether you are looking for shopping, or a bite to eat, this place has you covered. An entire day can go by just wandering this endless maze!


During the day this town is something to explore, at night you can find great bars and restaurants that open up to enjoy your favorite drink or meal, or walk around with some ice cream, that is served on basically every corner!

The New Town is the area just outside of the Old Town. Keep in mind the Old Town is surrounded by a wall. (Picture Kings Landing if you are a Game of Thrones fan!) A village with a main castle surrounded by a great wall. The New Town takes you to the islands Port and to the towns center. The center is where you will find all the bigger shops, bigger hotels and the towns main beach, Ellie Beach. Ellie Beach features vibrant blue clear waters. This is the beach known for the diving platform!

Historic sites


The island is BIG. However to see the east side of the island, you are usually trekking two roads. The main one is called “Rodo-Lindo.” As expected this road will take you from the main city all the way to Lindos. In Lindos is where you will find the Acropolis of Lindos as well as the town of Lindos. The town of Lindos is where you will find that ‘island look’ you would expect from the cyclades. White buildings, narrow roads, which all lead up to the Acropolis. The Acropolis is definitely something I highly recommend seeing as it provides amazing scenery, as well as a taste of history!


The Beaches

If you are looking for the beaches, Rhodes has you covered!!

Rhodes provides all types of beaches, lets start with the beach you cannot find everywhere else! Prasonisi.


While Prasonisi is very unique, it is very similar to the world famous Elafonisi Beach on the island of Crete. It is a peninsula beach, with waters on both sides, soft sand, and shallow waters. Wind surfers flock to this beach. Wind surfing and water skiing is very popular here. Keep in mind, this beach is a 2 hour drive from the city!! Worth it.


Other Beaches:

Kalithea Beach – A very popular beach. Get there early or risk not getting a sunbed! This beach provides a resort like feel, a small area of shallow coast surrounded by areas where you can jump in for a swim from the platform that your seat area is in. This beach is also an evening destination.

Tsambika Beach – This beach is your standard soft sand, sunbed and a cool beach hut restaurant/bar! Lots of sun, lots of fun!

So after our 5 days were up, my friend had to head back to Athens but I was planning on sticking around the dodekanisa. However having some family in Rhodes, made me want to stay a couple extra days. Those couple days turned into 10 before heading to Kalymnos for 4 days only to return to Rhodes for another week!

What kept me in Rhodes? While the family played a major role, it was also to experience what it is like to live as a local. Staying with family while they tend to their regular non-holiday schedule was an amazing experience. Learning their schedules and knowing when they get off work, they would arrange to meet me wherever I was. I would eat the home cooked meals instead of the same Tavern food daily. It was pretty neat.

Sites and Sounds


Petaloudes – (Butterfly Valley) A valley filled with butterflies. Definitely something worth checking out, does not take up a whole lot of time and you may catch a nice picture of a butterfly flying in your way!!

Night Life

In the Old Town you will find a variety of places to go at night, here is a list of some of the best:

-Fuego – Outdoor bar -Macao – Outdoor bar -Legends – Indoor LIVE performance rock bar -Old School – Indoor w/outdoor seating LIVE performance bar -Akanthus – Indoor Night Club


While most of the trip in Rhodes was eating home cooked meals, I cannot say I tried much of the taverns. However one that stood out that I did was Dafni in the Old Town. Go see my friend Fotis. Tell him I sent you, he will make you feel right at home!


If you are looking for an incredible sunset, on the north western tip of the island is where you NEED to be. This is where the sky turns from blue to pink with an endless horizon. After you pass Ellie beach, continue for a few moments until you come up to a hill on the road. Park on the side. Grab your camera. You can even take the stairs down to the water.


Other things to make sure you try in Rhodes!

-Epta Piges – 7 Springs. Is an amazing experience, a fun walk around 7 natural springs. Even includes a 5 minute dark tunnel walk in ice cold spring water!! -Check out a Panigiri! -Check out the castle in the Old Town, that was a cool experience -See the Archaelogical museum


All this being said, theres also a western side to the island!! While we saw some of it, we mainly were on the east side. Maybe next time!!

If you’d like to see more of my trip to Rhodes and all around Greece, follow me on social media! Instagram: @iamgreece and follow @greece on instagram for more Greece Inspo!


Beaches 7/10 – Prasonisi is a must! The rest are very nice!! Food 10/10 (Thanks to the home cooking of my Aunt) 🙂 Sites 9/10 – Lots of historic sites, and tradition. Day Life 8/10 – Between the Old Town, New Town and Lindos, lots to do!! Night Life 8/10 – Old Town has you covered!

Total 42/50

Photography gear used in Rhodes:

Nikon D500 Mavic Pro Drone iPhone X GoPro 5

If you’d like to reach me or have questions about Rhodes feel free to send me an email!


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