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The Ultimate Guide to Zakynthos Greece: 10 Unforgettable Experiences You Can't Miss

Dive Deep into the Best Activities, Tours, and Scenic Spots on the Gorgeous Island of Zakynthos

As an experienced traveler and Greece enthusiast, I've had the pleasure of exploring many stunning destinations across this magnificent country. But one place that holds a special spot in my heart is Zakynthos. This captivating Greek island in the Ionian Sea is the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and rich local culture. From its lush landscapes and mesmerizing turquoise waters to its charming villages and historic sites, Zakynthos has something for everyone.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll take you on an in-depth journey through the top 10 things to do in Zakynthos. With each experience, I'll share insider tips, recommendations, and some personal anecdotes that will make you feel like a true local. Trust me, by the end of this guide, you'll be itching to book your trip and experience the magic of this Ionian gem for yourself.

Explore the World-Famous Navagio Beach


Brief overview of Navagio Beach and its history

  • The fascinating story behind the shipwreck: In 1980, the MV Panagiotis, a freightliner allegedly smuggling contraband, ran aground in the cove due to stormy weather and mechanical issues. This shipwreck has since become a symbol of the beach, attracting visitors from all over the world.

  • The beach's transformation into a world-renowned tourist destination: Over the years, Navagio Beach has gained international recognition for its dramatic landscape and crystal-clear waters. It has been featured in numerous films, advertisements, and travel publications, further adding to its allure.

How to get there: boat tours and excursions

  • Comparison of different tour options and their pros and cons: There are several ways to reach Navagio Beach, including group boat tours, private charters, and even speedboats. Each option offers a unique experience, varying in duration, price, and flexibility.

  • Tips for choosing the best tour for your needs and preferences: Consider factors such as your budget, group size, and desired level of comfort when selecting a tour. Additionally, research reviews and ask for recommendations to ensure you choose a reputable operator.

  • Personal experience and recommendations from my previous visits: In my opinion, a small-group boat tour offers the best balance of affordability and personalization. These tours often include knowledgeable guides who can share interesting tidbits about the beach and its history.

Best time to visit for photography and fewer crowds

  • The ideal months and time of day for optimal lighting and atmosphere: To capture the beach's breathtaking beauty, visit during the shoulder seasons (April-May or September-October) when the lighting is soft and the crowds are thinner. The early morning or late afternoon hours offer the best lighting conditions for photography.

  • How to avoid the busiest periods and enjoy a more serene experience: To avoid peak tourist season, plan your visit outside of June through August. Additionally, consider visiting on weekdays when the beach tends to be less crowded.

Safety tips for swimming at Navagio.

  • The importance of following local guidelines and warnings: While Navagio Beach may appear calm and inviting, the waters can be unpredictable. Always pay attention to posted signs and adhere to local advice regarding swimming.

  • Personal anecdotes and precautions from my own experiences: During one of my visits, a sudden change in weather conditions, causing strong currents and choppy waters cancelled our boat ride to the beach. Keep in mind, this beach is only accessible by boat.

Marvel at the Blue Caves


Brief overview of the Blue Caves and their formation

  • The geological process that created these captivating caves: Formed by the continuous erosion of the limestone cliffs, the Blue Caves are a network of natural chambers and tunnels that showcase the island's geological wonders.

  • The unique phenomenon that gives the caves their vibrant blue color: The sunlight refracts through the water and reflects off the cave walls, creating an enchanting display of vivid blue hues that seem to shimmer and change as you move through the caves. Water colors you will only find in this part of Greece!

How to explore the caves: guided boat tours and kayaking

  • The benefits of joining a guided boat tour: A guided boat tour offers an informative and convenient way to visit the Blue Caves. Knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights about the caves' history, geology, and local folklore.

  • The adventurous option of kayaking: For those seeking a more active and up-close experience, renting a kayak allows you to paddle through the caves at your own pace and explore hidden nooks that larger boats may not be able to access.

  • Tip: If you prefer guided tours, browse this list for all types of tours in Zakynthos:

Best time to visit for optimal light and color

  • The ideal hours for visiting the Blue Caves: To fully appreciate the caves' ethereal beauty, visit during the early morning or late afternoon when the sun's rays create a mesmerizing spectacle of light and color.

  • Tips for planning your visit around the best lighting conditions: Keep an eye on the weather forecast and consult local guides for the most up-to-date information on the best times to visit the Blue Caves.

Wildlife spotting: loggerhead sea turtles and other marine life

  • The endangered loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta): Zakynthos is home to a significant population of these gentle creatures, which can often be spotted in the waters surrounding the Blue Caves.

  • Tips for ethical wildlife viewing: Always maintain a respectful distance from marine animals and avoid touching or disturbing them. Consider supporting local conservation initiatives to help protect the island's precious marine ecosystem.

Experience the Authentic Charm of Zakynthos Town


Brief overview of Zakynthos Town and its attractions

  • The picturesque Solomos Square: Named after the island's most famous poet, Dionysios Solomos, this bustling square is surrounded by neoclassical buildings, lively cafes, and historic landmarks.

  • The impressive Byzantine Museum: This museum houses a fascinating collection of religious art and icons dating back to the Byzantine era, offering a glimpse into the island's rich artistic heritage.

Must-see sites and hidden gems

  • The stunning Saint Dionysios Church: Dedicated to the island's patron saint, this beautiful church features ornate frescoes, intricate iconography, and an impressive bell tower that offers panoramic views of the town.

  • Exploring the charming alleys and hidden boutiques: Wander through the narrow streets and alleys to discover an array of hidden gems, from quaint boutiques selling local handicrafts to traditional tavernas serving mouthwatering Greek cuisine.

Guided walking tours and the benefits of local insights

  • The advantages of joining a guided walking tour: A knowledgeable guide can share lesser-known stories, historical tidbits, and insider tips that you might not find in guidebooks or on your own.

  • Personal anecdotes and experiences from my time in Zakynthos Town: On one of my visits, I joined a local walking tour and discovered a hidden taverna tucked away in a quiet alley. It quickly became my favorite spot for savoring authentic Greek dishes and mingling with the locals.

Unwind at the Tranquil Xigia Beach

Brief overview of Xigia Beach and its healing properties

  • The natural sulfur and collagen springs: Xigia Beach is unique due to its natural springs that release sulfur and collagen into the sea. These elements are believed to have therapeutic properties, making a dip in the waters a rejuvenating experience.

  • The secluded location and serene atmosphere: Nestled between dramatic cliffs, Xigia Beach offers a tranquil retreat from the busier tourist spots on the island.

How to get there and what to expect

  • The scenic drive to Xigia Beach: The beach is located on the northeastern coast of Zakynthos and can be reached by car or scooter. The drive offers breathtaking views of the coastline and the opportunity to explore nearby villages.

  • Tips for visiting Xigia Beach: The beach is small and can become crowded during peak season, so arriving early is recommended. The sulfur smell can be quite strong, so come prepared. As always, be respectful of local customs and etiquette when enjoying this peaceful haven.


Discover the Rich History of Anafonitria Monastery

Brief overview of Anafonitria Monastery and its significance

  • The monastery's founding and connection to Saint Dionysios: Established in the 15th century, Anafonitria Monastery is closely associated with Saint Dionysios, who lived here before founding the monastery in Zakynthos Town.

  • The architectural and artistic highlights: The monastery features stunning frescoes, intricate wood carvings, and beautiful architecture that showcases the island's rich religious heritage.

Guided tours and the benefits of expert insights. (Shop guided tours)

  • The advantages of joining a guided tour of Anafonitria Monastery: A knowledgeable guide can provide fascinating details about the monastery's history, art, and architecture, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of this important site.

Etiquette and dress code for visiting religious sites

  • The importance of dressing modestly and adhering to local customs: When visiting religious sites, it's essential to show respect by dressing appropriately and following local etiquette. This may include covering your shoulders and knees, removing your shoes, or remaining silent in certain areas.

  • Personal experiences and recommendations: On my first visit to Anafonitria Monastery, I made sure to bring a scarf to cover my shoulders, and I was grateful for the respectful atmosphere that pervaded the site.

Embark on a Turtle Spotting Adventure


Brief overview of loggerhead sea turtles and their nesting grounds

  • The endangered species and its significance to Zakynthos: Laganas Bay, located on the southern coast, is a prime spot for turtle watching, and various tours offer the chance to spot these gentle creatures in their natural habitat.

  • The nesting process and the importance of conservation: Loggerhead sea turtles return to the beaches of Zakynthos each year to lay their eggs. Efforts to protect these nesting grounds are crucial for the survival of the species.

The variety of turtle spotting tours available:

  • How to see them: There are several tour operators on the island offering boat trips to observe the turtles in Laganas Bay. Some tours also include stops at nearby caves and beaches for a well-rounded experience.

  • Tips for choosing a responsible tour operator: Opt for a tour operator that prioritizes the well-being of the turtles by adhering to strict guidelines and supporting local conservation efforts. This may include maintaining a safe distance from the turtles, avoiding nesting areas, and using eco-friendly practices.

Best time of year for turtle spotting

  • The peak nesting season: The best time to see loggerhead sea turtles in Zakynthos is from late May to August when they return to the island to lay their eggs.

  • Balancing turtle watching with other activities: While visiting during peak nesting season can increase your chances of spotting turtles, it's also the busiest time of year for tourism. Plan your trip accordingly and book tours and accommodations in advance.

Personal anecdotes from my turtle spotting adventures

  • My unforgettable experience on a turtle watching tour: During one of my visits to Zakynthos, I had the privilege of joining a turtle spotting tour that took us out into Laganas Bay. We spotted several turtles gracefully swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and it was a truly magical moment I will never forget.

  • The importance of respecting and appreciating nature: My turtle spotting experience reinforced the importance of protecting and preserving the natural world for future generations to enjoy. I left Zakynthos with a renewed appreciation for the island's diverse ecosystems and the delicate balance that must be maintained to protect its inhabitants.

Capture the Perfect Sunset at Keri Lighthouse


Brief overview of Keri Lighthouse and its stunning views

  • The picturesque location atop a cliff: Keri Lighthouse is situated on the southwestern tip of Zakynthos, offering panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the island's dramatic coastline.

  • The perfect spot for sunset lovers and photographers: With its unobstructed vistas and tranquil atmosphere, Keri Lighthouse is an ideal location for capturing breathtaking sunsets and indulging in some landscape photography.

Tips for planning your sunset visit

  • The best time of year for optimal sunsets: While sunsets at Keri Lighthouse are beautiful year-round, the colors tend to be particularly vibrant during the shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October).

  • Arriving early to secure a prime spot: To ensure you have the perfect vantage point for capturing the sunset, arrive at least an hour before the sun is scheduled to set.

Nearby attractions and activities

  • The charming village of Keri: Just a short drive from the lighthouse, the village of Keri offers a taste of traditional Greek island life with its quaint stone houses, narrow streets, and welcoming tavernas.

  • The coastal gem of Marathias Beach: A secluded beach with crystal-clear waters and a peaceful atmosphere, Marathias Beach is the perfect spot to relax and soak up the sun before heading to Keri Lighthouse for the sunset.

Savor Traditional Greek Cuisine at Local Tavernas

Brief overview of Zakynthos cuisine and its influences

  • The blend of Mediterranean flavors: Zakynthos cuisine is a delicious fusion of traditional Greek flavors with influences from the Ionian Islands, featuring fresh seafood, locally-grown produce, and aromatic herbs.

  • The importance of local and seasonal ingredients: Many tavernas and restaurants on the island take pride in sourcing their ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful dishes possible.

Must-try dishes and local specialties

  • The savory Skordostoumbi: This traditional Zakynthian dish consists of eggplant and potatoes cooked in a rich tomato sauce with plenty of garlic, offering a hearty and satisfying meal.

  • The sweet treat of Frigania: A delectable dessert made from layers of rusks soaked in syrup, whipped cream, and crushed almonds, Frigania is a mouthwatering way to end your meal.

Tips for finding the best tavernas and restaurants

  • Seeking out hidden gems and local favorites: To find the most authentic and delicious dining experiences, venture off the beaten path and explore the narrow streets and alleys of Zakynthos' villages.

  • Personal recommendations from my time on the island: During my visits, I've had the pleasure of dining at several exceptional tavernas. Some of my favorites include To Votsalo in Keri Village, To Perasma in Ano Volimes, and Oinomageiremata in Zakynthos Town.

The importance of enjoying your meal at a leisurely pace

  • Embracing the Greek concept of "siga-siga": When dining in Greece, it's essential to adopt the local mindset of taking your time and savoring each bite. Meals are a social experience meant to be enjoyed slowly and with good company.


Hike to the Enchanting Strofades Monastery

Brief overview of Strofades Monastery and its remote location

  • The history and legend surrounding the monastery: Strofades Monastery is located on the small, remote island of Strofadia, approximately 27 nautical miles south of Zakynthos. Founded in the 13th century, the monastery is shrouded in legends and stories of pirates, saints, and miracles.

  • The challenging yet rewarding journey to reach the monastery: Due to its isolated location, reaching Strofades Monastery requires a combination of hiking and boat travel, making it a true adventure for those who seek off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Tips for organizing your visit and hike to Strofades Monastery

  • Arranging boat transportation: While there are no regular boat services to Strofadia, it is possible to charter a private boat or join a specialized tour. Contact local tour operators or inquire at the port for options.

  • Preparing for the hike: The hike to the monastery is moderately challenging, so ensure you have proper footwear, sun protection, and plenty of water. The remote location also means there are no facilities, so pack snacks and be prepared to carry out any trash.

The unforgettable experience of exploring Strofades Monastery

  • The sense of solitude and connection to the past: Visiting Strofades Monastery offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the serenity and simplicity of monastic life. The remote location and lack of modern amenities create a peaceful, introspective atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere.

Take Part in Local Festivities and Cultural Events

An overview of Zakynthian celebrations and traditions

  • The rich cultural heritage of Zakynthos: The island's long history and diverse influences have given rise to a vibrant array of local celebrations, customs, and traditions that reflect the unique spirit of Zakynthos.

  • Examples of notable festivals and events: Some of the most popular festivities on the island include the Feast of Saint Dionysios, the Easter celebrations, and the Carnival of Zakynthos.

Experiencing local music and dance

  • The enchanting sounds of Zakynthian kantades: Kantades are traditional songs accompanied by guitar and mandolin, often performed at local festivals and events. They are a beautiful expression of the island's rich musical heritage.

  • The lively and energetic Zakynthian dances: Traditional dances, such as the Ballos and the Sousta, are an integral part of local celebrations. Visitors are often encouraged to join in the fun and learn the steps.

Tips for attending local festivities and events

  • Planning your visit around specific events: If there's a particular festival or event that you'd like to experience, be sure to plan your trip around the relevant dates. Keep in mind that accommodations may be limited during peak times, so book well in advance.

  • Respecting local customs and traditions: When participating in local festivities, always be mindful of local customs and etiquette. This may include dressing modestly, asking permission before taking photographs, or refraining from excessive drinking.

Take a Dip in the Emerald Waters of Porto Limnionas

Brief overview of Porto Limnionas and its location

  • A hidden gem of Zakynthos: Nestled on the western coast of the island, Porto Limnionas is a secluded cove with crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs, and stunning natural scenery.

  • The perfect spot for relaxation and adventure: Whether you're looking to unwind on a quiet beach or explore the surrounding cliffs and caves, Porto Limnionas has something for everyone.

  • Activities and experiences at Porto Limnionas

    • Swimming and snorkeling in the emerald waters: The calm and clear waters of Porto Limnionas are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, with plenty of colorful marine life to discover.

    • Cliff jumping and kayaking for the adventurous: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Porto Limnionas offers opportunities for cliff jumping or kayaking along the coast, taking in the stunning scenery from a different perspective.

Tips for visiting Porto Limnionas

  • Transportation and accessibility: While Porto Limnionas is off the beaten path and not accessible by public transport, it can be reached by car or boat. If driving, be prepared for narrow and winding roads. Boat tours are also available from nearby resorts and towns.

  • Amenities and facilities: Porto Limnionas is a natural cove with limited facilities. Visitors should bring their own food, water, and sunscreen, and be prepared to take any trash with them when leaving.

Personal anecdotes from my visits to Porto Limnionas

  • The tranquil beauty of the cove: My first visit to Porto Limnionas was something I'll never forget. It's not your typical beach with a sandy or rocky shore, you have to jump in, and to get out, you have to climb out. They have a small pool style ladder.

  • The temperature changes: While you are swimming you will notice you are drifting between warm and ice cold water. That's because there is a natural spring that spills right into this cove! It's truly something amazing that you can't find anywhere else!


Zakynthos is an island that offers a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking natural beauty, rich history, and authentic culture. From the iconic Navagio Beach and the mesmerizing Blue Caves to the charming villages and lively local festivals, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. By taking the time to explore and appreciate the island's diverse offerings, visitors can create unforgettable memories and forge a deep connection with this enchanting corner of the world.

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