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15 Greek Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Looking for unique and authentic gift ideas this holiday season? We've prepared a list of gifts that capture the essence of Greek culture, tradition, and craftsmanship. Whether you're seeking a taste of Greece or a piece of its breathtaking scenery, these 15 Greek-inspired gifts are sure to bring joy to you and your loved ones.

1. Handmade Ornaments by Klosti

klosti handmade products

Adorn your Christmas tree with these beautifully crafted ornaments by Klosti that showcase Greek craftsmanship and add a touch of Greece to your holiday decor. Klosti brings you an array of handmade Greek products straight from Greece!

2. NakedGreece 100 Photo, Photo Book

naked greece photobook photography

This 100 page photo book of Greece captures the essence of the country like no other way. Shop this amazing photo book by Tony Kariotis, 100 of his favorite photos over a 5 year span of traveling all around Greece.

3. Kastra Elion Premium Sipping Vodka

kastra elion greek vodka

A Greek Vodka distilled with Grains and Olives from Nafpaktos Greece. Give the gift of Kastra Elion Premium Sipping Vodka.

4. "All You Can Greek" Cookbook by Eleni Saltas

eleni saltas cook book

For foodies and culinary explorers, this cookbook by Eleni Saltas offers a delightful journey through Greek cuisine, sharing recipes and stories that bring the flavors of Greece to life.

5. Stray Dog Wild Greek Gin

stray dog greek gin

Infused with the spirit of Greece, this premium Greek gin embodies the purity and essence of Greece, making it a stellar gift for those who appreciate fine spirits. Each purchase of Stray Dog Wild Gin supports stray dogs in Greece.

6. Greek Clothing and Accessories by Hellenic Aesthetic

Greek Clothing and Accessories by Hellenic Aesthetic

Explore a range of clothing and accessories that embody the Greek aesthetic, allowing the wearer to showcase their love for Greece in style.

7. Pocket Square by RARE CUT

PocketSquare by RareCut

The classic pocket square, reinvented by RARE CUT to stayup all day and night. Holds every fold, and never falls. It stays up.

8. Kleos Mastiha by Drink Kleos

Kleos Mastiha by Drink Kleos

Kleos mastiha spirit is a low calorie, low sugar, low abc botanical spirit made with mastiha, an ancient Greek superfood. The bottle itself will make anyone receving this gift say wow!


9. Wild Olive Oil by Zoefull

medicinal wild olive oil zoefull

Discover how this Ultra High Phenolic Greek Wild Olive Oil by Zoefull can help you live Forever Young. See what medicinal olive oil can do.

10. Coffee by Rise with Apollo

rise with apollo coffee

Experience the bold flavors of Greek coffee, allowing your loved ones to savor the essence of Greece in every cup. Just taste Rise with Apollo coffee for yourself and see!

11. Greek Mountain Tea by Yia Mas

Greek Mountain Tea by Yia Mas

Heralded by the ancient Greeks, antioxidant-rich Sideritis, or mountain tea, is the quintessential Greek herbal remedy. Contains loose leaf Greek mountain tea flowers. Yia mas packages their teas in these amazing tin cans that make the perfect gift for anyone!

12. Greece Framed Photography

greece frame photography

Give the gift of Greece! Check our the framed photography by Greece Media. Photos available from different areas of Greece. These framed photos will brighten anyones room!

13. LXS Roll-up Backgammon Board

LXS Backgammond Board

Make anyones day by gifting them this roll up travel style backgammon board by LXS. Browse the selection of backgammon boards today!

14. Kosterina Olive Oil

Kosterina Olive Oil

Give the gift of Kosterina Olive Oil! From their delicious, high antioxidant Extra Virgin Olive Oil to other Mediterranean superfoods, there's something delicious and delightful for everyone!

15. Stationary by Cartoules Press

cartoules press

Gift Greece inspired stationery, stickers and more with Cartoules Press, a letterpress studio based in California.

BONUS: Akia Collection

Akia Collection

Shop an evolving collection of art and design that aspires to evoke moments of joy and connection. Inspired by the beauty and traditions of Greece, always creative and fun.  

BONUS: Efstathia Fragou Jewelry

Efstathia Fragou Jewelry greek handmade jewelry

Gift a piece of Greek-inspired jewelry that reflects the beauty and heritage of Greece by Efstathia Fragou, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

BONUS: Greek Ceramics

greek ceramics so blue

Shop handmade and hand painted ceramics from Greece with So Blue Ceramics and Gifts!

We hope you liked our list of Greek gift ideas!

This holiday season, celebrate the spirit of Greece with these thoughtful and culturally rich gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether it's the taste of Greek delicacies or the beauty of Greek craftsmanship, these gifts will bring joy and a touch of Greece to your festivities.

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