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5 Things to know about Paros Greece so you can have the perfect trip.

What to do when in Paros, Greece?

Paros has become one of my favorite islands. I find myself on the island every summer, and some times multiple times, for good reason! If you asked me what's one island you could live on, the answer will most likely be Paros. There are other amazing islands, but Paros brings the perfect balance of just about everything.

Paros is a big island, so getting around does take up some time, unless you are content with staying in the port town and only there. You could get away with no car as the port town does offer everything, including beaches in walking distance.

If you do prefer venturing off, you have plenty to choose from! The ever popular harbor village of Naousa has quickly become one of Greece most popular destinations. Then there are smaller villages that are perfect for day tours such as Lefkes, Marpissa, Piso Livadi, Atsiki, to name a few.

Naousa gives you the perfect mix, a picturesque village, with enough to keep you there for many days.

So in this blog I will list 5 things you should do, in order to enjoy Paros to its fullest!

1. Rent a car or an ATV on Paros.

I would say this is a must, unless you do not mind taking time consuming buses, or expensive cab rides. The island has so much spread out, that you will want the ability to see everything, whenever you want!

2. Make Naousa your base while staying on Paros.

The island has many villages, but in my opinion the one to make you base is Naousa. Naousa just feels different. It's an incredibly picturesque harbor village, with white washed buildings everywhere you turn, and the perfect sounds of waves from the sea, protected by the small port.

You will find endless restaurants, cafes, shops, and at night the bars get going for a very classy evening of drinks by the sea.

You are still not too far away from the rest of island. In about 15-20 mintues you can be in the main town, and not too far from the the of the villages.

Watch: Below I include the trailer to NakedNaousa - A short film showcasing the village Naousa in Paros and its beauty, without tourists:


3. Spend a day exploring the villages of Lefkes and Marpissa.

You definitely want to spend atleast one of your days, doing the rounds of villages, but I would not recommend more than 2 per day, especially if you are travling in the summer months, as the heat will only tire you out. So I would say choose Lefkes and Marpissa. Lefkes is the former capitol of the island, positioned in the middle of the island, and Marpissa is not too far away. Both are beautiful white washed villages. These are much quieter villages, but still do offer a view restaurants, cafeterias, churches and more.

4. Allocate a day for a day tour to Antiparos.

You may have heard about the island of Antiparos. It's where famous actor and actress Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have a home. It's a small island next to Paros. Just imagine a much smaller version of Paros, known for beaches and its one beautiful port town. The boat ride from Paros is only a 8 minute ride and operates every 15-30 minutes! You don't even need another hotel room, just go early and come on the last ferry ride over.

5. Take the turquoise waters tour in Alikis.

If you are up for an amazing boat tour, drive down to Alikis village and take a boat excursion. They operate most days in the summer, and they take you on a route to near by swimming waters known as the turquise crystal waters. Trust me it lives up to the name, I will not include a photo here just so I don't spoil it! Some of the boat excursions will also take you to parts of Antiparos.

If you keep these 5 things in mind, and leave the rest up to exploration, you are for sure going to have an incredible and memorable time on Paros island. If your time on Paros is up and you are craving one more island before you go thats not too far, here are some amazing islands near by: Naxos, Koufonisi, Mykonos and Tinos!

For more on Paros, I often post about this island on my social media. My service "GreeceTrips" loves including it in custom itineraries we build for clients! You can learn more about GreeceTrips here.

How about some photo ops!?

Quickly before we wrap up, here are 5 places in Paros to take a great photo, I will not include photos of them, they are for you to discover! Make sure to bookmark this article for later.

1. Linardo in Naousa

2. The windmill by the Port

3. The walkways in Lefkes

4. The fortress in Naousa

5. The many doors of Marpissa

If you want to know where to find these 5 locations, just shoot me a note!

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Are you ready to watch the entire film? Here you go! See below.

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