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Interview with Gus Constantellis, ConstantlyGus, by Tony Kariotis.

In this episode of the Greece Chats Podcast, I interview Gus Constantellis. Known on social media as ConstantlyGus. Tune in below.

Gus Constantellis is a first generation Greek-American LGBTQ+ comedian/TV writer. He was born and raised in Brooklyn and got his start in comedy when he won first place at a college talent show his first time trying standup. He regularly produces content for his Instagram and Tiktok at @constantlygus and writes for several TV shows, including The Lion Guard, Abby Hatcher, and the Rugrats reboot. He performs all over NYC and the tristate area and brings his unique perspective of growing up in NYC with immigrant parents to his standup, writing, and online content. When he's not performing, he's usually dancing alone in his living room to Bruce Springsteen.

You can find Gus online at:


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