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Interview with Johnny Livanos, by Tony Kariotis.

In this edition of Greece Chats I am interviewing Johnny Livanos, Greek Wine Expert, Founder of Stray Dog Wild Gin

Johnny Livanos is a third generation Greek-American restaurateur, Greek wine expert representing a number of leading wineries from Greece as part of Diamond Wine Importers, and founder of Stray Dog Wild Gin, inspired by the untouched mountains in northern Greece.

As part of a proud New York family that owns and runs several acclaimed venues in Manhattan and Westchester NY, such as Oceana, Hudson West Kitchen + Craft Bar, Molyvos, City Limits Diner and Moderne Barn, Johnny has spent years running Greek restaurants and selling Greek wine & spirits. As part of this journey, Johnny gained a tremendous knowledge and passion for sharing the joys of Greek flavor with the world.

This led Johnny to also launch his own gin brand, called Stray Dog Wild Gin, which is distilled in Northern Greece with a medley of wild Greek botanicals. A way to combine his passion for Greek flavor and spirit culture with his love of gin, Stray Dog Wild Gin is crafted from a unique blend of wild botanicals native to Greece’s hills and mountains, then mixed with Mediterranean citrus and pure spring water. The result: The essence of an untamed life, bottled.

Stray Dog Wild Gin donates a portion of every sale to support animal shelters.


You can learn more about Johnny and Stray Dog Gin at You can follow Johnny on Instagram at

Tune in to the video edition of this podcast below:


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